10 best kick scooter for adults in 2022- Reviews and FAQs

Sick of your bike getting stolen? You’re not alone. Kick scooters are a great way to get around and they can’t be taken away from you by thieves because all you need is two hands. The best kick scooter for adults has upright handlebars that allow for greater visibility, an adjustable seat post that can accommodate riders from 4’11” to 6’4″, and a range of weights from 18lbs to 260lbs. It’s also durable enough to withstand being dropped on the ground or pavement multiple times. This will make it easier for people who commute long distances or ride in crowded areas.

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Best kick scooter for adults – Reviews

Below are our reviews with the pros and cons of the best scooters.

1- Best kick scooter for adult – Razor a5 lux scooter

Razor a5 lux kick scooter for adult

This kick scooter comes with extra-large, urethane wheels that provide a super smooth and comfortable ride. It features strong aluminum tubes to support taller riders as well as soft foam grips that are easily adjustable for all types of people or weight needs (upwards of 220 pounds) depending on what you want in your vehicle. The handlebars can be easily adjusted so even kids will feel at ease while riding because they include an ergonomic design that promotes comfort during long trips.

  • Large wheels
  • Adjustable handlebar
  • Narrow deck


2- HUDORA kick scooter for teens

HUDORA kick scooter for teens

The adult scooter is height adjustable from 31-41 inches with a high-quality aluminum material that makes it strong and durable, as well as rustproof. It also comes in an easy-to-fold design just one step. You can take your body wherever you want on this stylish-looking wheeled vehicle for adults, whether it’s grocery shopping or going out at night. Because the whole thing weighs 8 pounds (including all parts). The PU wheels have 205 mm diameter so they’re made just right not only for comfort when riding but durability too making these little buddies really last much longer than their plastic competitors who often end up breaking after 3 months of use.

The scooter is made of durable, lightweight materials that make it perfect for kids and adults alike. With a weight capacity of up to 220lbs, this scooter can take you anywhere.

  • Quick-release folding system
  • 220 lbs weight capacity
  • Not suitable for hilly areas


3- Hoboy s2 pro electric scooter for boys

Hoboy s2 pro electric scooter for boys

The 500W electric brushless hub motor provides a speed of up to 19mph. It’s a high-powered battery with 36V/11.6AH and Max range of 25 miles, but it’ll go even further if you find the perfect terrain. Hiboy S2 Pro scooters have front & rear wheel equipped solid tires that provide max comfort even on rough surfaces or speed bumps, no matter what obstacles come your way this scooter has got everything covered from headlights (which are ultra-bright) all ways around 15 meters plus 15m in radius), double braking system including disc brakes as well regenerative anti-lock brake

The Hiboy e-scooter is more than just a fun ride. It’s also your easiest way to go from point A to B, with an app that lets you customize the acceleration and braking responses for when things get tricky or if there are obstacles in front of you.

  • Double braking system
  • Powerful motor
  • No seat


4- Hikole kick scooter for adults 

Hikole scooters for adult

The adult kick scooter with 3-Seconds Easy Folding Carrying Mechanism, suit for quick storage and transportation. Can be carried on the tube train or bus. The 2 wheels scooter has high durable 200mm big wheels dual suspension system precision, ABEC 7 bearings reduce bump make a smoother ride creating incredibly smooth glide perfect in a city/urban pavements adjust handlebars to your height range 90 – 100 cm.

You’ll love the aluminum alloy scooter because it has an easy-to-use rear brake. Press down on your foot and stop suddenly with this feature. It’s also got a large, reinforced pedal for quick braking or firm stopping even when you’re weighed down by heavier riders like (220lbs). The 18-inch wide frame deck provides plenty of space to accommodate my feet while still being comfortable enough that I don’t want to take off riding once we get going faster than 5 miles per hour.

  • Easy to fold
  • Rear and front suspension
  • Adjustable handlebar
  • No LEDs


5- Best kick scooter for riding – Razor A6 scooter

Razor A6 scooters for riding

The Adult Road King is designed and built specifically for taller riders. It features Razor’s tallest handlebars, adjustable up to an incredible height of 42″, with a long 13″ deck that’s perfect if you need more foot room while on your bike. The adult road king also has large spoked urethane wheels which guarantee a smoother ride around town as well as a rear-fender brake allowing effortless stopping power when needed; it can be enjoyed by any rider who weighs at least 220 lbs.

  • Suitable for tall riders
  • Large wheels
  • No ring bell


6- Folding kick scooter for adults 

Folding scooters for adult

Get the adult and kids Zoom Zip across town or around your neighborhood on this tough, long-lasting 8 inch PU tire. With up to 220 lbs support, it’s perfect for campus runs as well. Big wheel scooters are great if you’re over 8 years old, featuring ABEC 7 bearings that provide smooth riding in asphalt, concrete, and even cobblestone grass.

Our folding scooter has a 1-kick open mechanism that makes storing and unfolding simple. Our youth kickboard is 31″ x 4.92″, perfect for stowing under your desk or in school; while our adult size is just larger at 46″x6″. The non-slip rubber deck will provide you with steady footing when it’s wet outside as well!

A friendlier riding experience is just a click away with the adjustable handlebar. This handlebar features an anodized clamp collar that can be adjusted to three heights; kids, teens, and adults. Choose between 35″, 37”, or 38″, depending on how tall you are. It also has rubberized ergonomic grips which ensure optimal steering control at all times.

  • Anti-slip rubber deck and LED
  • Adjust to three heights
  • 1 kick open mechanism
  • Narrow wheels


7- Razor pro RDS dirt scooter 

Razor pro RDS dirt scooter

The scooter is perfect for everyone who wants the freedom of riding off-road. With its tubular BMX style steel fork and triple stacked headtube clamp, this scooter can tackle any terrain you throw at it. Equipped with 200mm pneumatic tires that have an aggressive tread pattern just in case there’s some dirt on deck. This scooter won’t let up until their work’s done so get ready because we’re about to take your commute into your place within limits.

  • Not restricted to pavement
  • Soft rubber grip
  • Pneumatic tires
  • No LEDs


8- Micro Flex series kick scooter for adult

Micro Flex series kick scooter for adult

The Micro Flex series is a premium bike for people who want to get from A-B quickly and enjoyably. With their high rebound wheels, thick PU coating on the bottom of each one, ergonomic grips so you can ride all day without getting tired. They have 200 mm wide aluminum rimmed tires which make them really easy rolling over obstacles like cracks in sidewalks or debris during bad weather conditions.

The Flex Series is our favorite scooter for adults looking to cut down on their commute or spend more time kicking around. The tall T-Bar handle with a maximum height of 37″ above the deck (41″) makes it easy and comfortable by accommodating most people’s heights, while also giving you that extra boost when needed. This aluminum body will make your everyday tasks easier as its polished finish can go a long way in making them look great too.

The Flex is a lightweight and stylish scooter that can be picked up easily, making it perfect for taking with you wherever your day may take you. It folds quickly into its compact form so it’s easy to store when not in use.

  • Beautiful design
  • Two-way kickstand
  • Non-pneumatic tires

9- Globber one K active kick scooter for adults

Globber one K active kick scooter for adults

Children love Globber’s scooters because they can ride them around the neighborhood with their friends. The patented steering lock button helps young riders learn how to control a two-wheeled vehicle and keep from getting run over, but it doesn’t take long for kids of all ages to realize what makes this product different, there are no Brakes.
First off, you’ll notice that it folds up in under 1 second when on wheels taking less than half as much space compared to other three-wheeled models available today. Secondly, its sleek design includes red LED brake lights which make sure everyone knows where your stop will be at any time during operation.

  • Steering lock button
  • Rear braking
  • Not suitable for heavy weight


10- Swagtron k8 folding scooter 

Swagtron k8 folding scooter 

The K8 is a smooth, fast, and silent kick scooter for adults that folds down to the size of your hand. It’s perfect for those days when you need something small but still full-powered.
If you want an upgrade from your old clunker or just looking into getting cycling as your newest form of transportation then this might be what we’re talking about because these bikes come with everything imaginable, high durability aluminum frame; extra-large 200-millimeter wheels which make it easy on any type terrain (approx 8 inches in diameter); Abec 9 ball bearings allow riders maximum ease during use while maintaining quietness.

  • Fast and silent
  • Flexible frame
  • 200mm wheels
  • No seat


Frequently asked questions

Below are some common FAQs to help the riders.

1- How do I choose an adult scooter?

It is a fact that scooters for adults and children are different. Since an adult will be riding it, he will need the model with a higher weight capacity to support the extra weight.

Scooters for kids usually have about 150 lbs of maximum carrying capacity which is more than enough for the typical weight of a kid at this age. On the other hand, an adult will need a scooter that has a higher weight capacity to support his weight; some models go up to 300 lbs. If you would like to buy one for yourself, you should select a scooter that can carry you.

If your intended use is for off-roading, make sure that the model has pneumatic tires which are wider and bigger than those of children. This feature will allow you to go over bumps and holes on the road smoothly.

If you are an adult who wants to have an electric scooter, it is important that you choose one with a high charge so that it can run longer before it needs recharging. It will be even better if the battery is removable so that you can bring spare batteries or replace them when they become weak.

If you need a faster acceleration rate, make sure that it has a powerful engine and high torque. This is very important when you are going up an incline or on a rough road where steering may be difficult because your scooter will not move if it cannot maintain its balance.

2- Is kick scooter a good workout?

Do you assume that riding a kick scooter is not an effective workout? If so, then think again. Riding kick scooters maybe even better than riding bikes. One reason for this could be because they can burn twice as many calories as biking does.

Another reason is that the average person only travels at around three miles per hour (mph) while biking, but if traveling on a kick scooter, the average speed is around seven mph.

Due to this increase in speed when riding kick scooters, your workout will be much harder than you imagine. You will burn many more calories because of it. When riding an average bike at three mph for thirty minutes versus traveling by kick scooter at seven mph for the same period of time, you will burn almost twice as many calories.

Kick scooters are better than bikes because they require more energy to ride and can be more fun too, especially with friends while biking is not nearly as enjoyable. There is a sense of freedom that comes while using kick scooters; you don’t have to be restricted to the road, sidewalks, and bike paths. You can ride them anywhere there is a flat surface.

In fact, riding on rough surfaces such as grass or cobblestone roads makes the workout even more intense than biking does. It uses not only your legs but also your calves and lower back muscles which working out your lower back can prevent future injury and illness.


A kick scooter for adults is the perfect way to get around when you’re in a hurry. They can also be great for kids, adolescents, and adults who want to have fun while getting some exercise. There are many different styles of kick scooter out there which is best? If you’re looking for something that’s easy to ride then we recommend checking out the Razor A5 Lux Scooter or Hiboy S2 Scooter. No matter what your needs may be, this article has reviews on some of the top models so check them out before making your final purchase decision.

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