10 Best kick scooter for tricks in 2022 – Reviews and Guides

Riding on an electric scooter was a dream for you when you, for the first time, saw a handsome person using the mini-bike in your street for quick and short-range transportation. Now it could be a great moment for you because you are planning to buy an e-scooter. Your mind will have ambiguity about the best kick scooter for tricks; how much would be the total charging capacity? Is its weight-bearing ability compatible with you? Is it better for on-road or off-road? May I support the required cost for that particular product? All the answers to your mind will clear after you give a read to this article.

Absolutely for riders, there is a bundle of varieties available among different brands in the market. Selecting a perfect one seems a little complicated and risky for a newbie because there are many features like; maximum speed, durability, charging time, and affordable price. A better combination of all these specifications leads to a better scooter; In this article, you will choose your desired scooter with hope and satisfaction.

Our top recommendations
For long-lasting charge
Have cruise control feature
Scooter with dual power mode

Best kick scooter for tricks – Review with pros and cons

The thought that comes to the rider’s mind before buying a scooter is that it has to be light in weight, more durable, fast in speed, and especially a folding feature is a new trend in the market.

Such products can take a small storage capacity in the backpack, and it is more suit for regular hikers and exercise lovers. Here are the ten picks, and these are selected after a deep study and research to fulfill your required modern criteria.

1- Best Folding E-scooter for tricks – Xiaomi Mi M365 scooter

Xiaomi Mi M365 Folding E-scooter for tricks

A simple and attractive item without unwanted features and functions is related to the user-friendly operation and maximum output during riding. Regarding the foldability in the scooter, this is one of the leading scooters in the market.

The best feature of its compatibility with the use and better quality is its lightweight of 27 pounds. The design is relatively narrow and impressive for packing it within seconds in the bag. You can also carry it by picking the scooter in hand because of the lightweight and compressed design.

It could be better for you if you don’t want any technical setting in your scooter, and you aim to manage it by a simple controlling mechanism that can make your ride as smooth and easy as your desire.
It is manufactured from high-grade aluminum primarily used in space vehicles for lightweight and high functionality. Because of such premium quality materials, it shows resistance to external natural conditions like; watery mud, hot weather, seasonal wind, etc.

The motor power is 250 watts which are efficient for a maximum speed of 15.5 mph. However, this is a good speed range for frequent traveling outside the city for going to the office, home shopping, kitchen needs, and the hospital for the doctor’s appointment. Ensure that not make a plane for the riding of more than 18.6 miles regarding its range limits.

Whenever you are riding on rough and irregular terrain, you will feel it soft and smooth because of the shock absorbers near the tires. Its 8.5 inches tires contain threads for preventing the ride from slippery riding.
There is a powerful braking system to control a fast-moving kick scooter for tricks on the main highway. Along with a regenerative anti-locking brake, its wheels follow a disk braking system which is easy to apply for smooth control. The designed brake system is so fast that it can stop it at around 13 feet.

It is more enjoyable whenever you had consumed the complete charge of the battery in the traveling. So don’t worry, it has a kinetic recharge function. When you can push it by feet like a normal one to cover some distance, the kinetic energy due to manual push will convert to electric power in the battery.

In short, it would perform as a regular bike whenever you have lost all the battery charge. The slim and sleek design can suit your status and stylish lifestyle. The price range is affordable for a medium-budget individual, A durable design for habitual travelers due to the best quality materials and running without the fear of power reduction.

  • Kinetic recharge function
  • Quick and smooth brake commands
  • The same materials as space shuttles
  • Long-lasting charging system
  • Easy managing and control
  • Save more space
  • Absence of kids loving colors


2- Best folding kick scooter for tricks – Gotrax GXL V2 scooter

Gotrax GXL V2 folding kick scooter for tricks

GOTRAX GXL electric scooter is suitable for the adult’s weight and has a foldable feature with the cruise control function and a modern lock mechanism. V2 means that it is the 2nd version of the series by reducing many previous drawbacks regarding the heavyweight and quality of tires.

Regarding reducing the shocks on the rough road surfaces, the air-containing tires of 8.5 inches can do the same job as a shock absorber. These tires can also control the ride from slipping on the smooth surface. So it is fantastic that it will keep you safe from a bone fracture during a slippery accident.

This scooter is provided with a 250-watt battery that can cover a range of 12 miles with a full battery, Which is enough for your outdoor traveling to go to school, buy foodstuffs, and an outing to get enjoyment after getting bored by doing work the whole day long.

One could charge the whole battery fully within 4 hours, The required voltage is 36V for smooth charging, and the correct voltage is necessary for the long-term performance of the battery. It provides a top speed of 15.5 mph for enthusiastic riders, but safety protocols are compulsory.

This kick scooter for tricks can bear 220 lbs such that an adult can travel safely if its body weight is arriving within this limit. The height from the handlebars is 38 inches to the point of the deck. The brake control panel is present in the handle and requires regular experience. This version 2 of GOTRAX is offering an attractive price for a medium-low budget rider.

  • Medium required voltage
  • Quick foldability and storage
  • The amazing high-speed limit
  • 38 inches height of the handle
  • Lock mechanism and cruise control
  • Good price range
  • Not a wide deck
  • Not compatible with overweight people


3- Segway Ninebot ES4 Folding trick scooters for commuting

Segway Ninebot ES4 Folding trick scooters for commuting

As regards portability and popularity, the Segway has the name of trust in the market. If you are looking for a durable, then this brand is a particular choice for you. The ES4 of segway contains all the modern features which you want to be in your ride.

The range of this scooter is a distance of 28 miles for its battery full of charge at a single time. The peak speed of 29 miles is a high speed for the enthusiastic. Still, it would help if you were appropriately dressed with the safety equipment to avoid a dangerous situation during the accident with this limit.

It provides an attractive black look to give you a stylish lifestyle and a relaxed mode of traveling. As compared to some other scooters in the market, their weight is somewhat high. For adults, the scooter of weight 31 lbs is easy to fold and carry around in hand. Both the tires are equipped with an anti-lock whose activation is easy for fast and quick declaration.

The motor power is so incredible that its capacity is up to 800W to achieve a high speed of 19 mph. The bearing weight of 220 lbs is the average capacity for this kick scooter for tricks. This weight may only be that of the rider or also a piece of additional luggage with them. The foldability of this kick scooter for tricks allows you to store it in the small corner of your apartments.

It also has the availability of some technical features like; the cruise control option, the LED display in the handle with Bluetooth connectivity for another device. The mobile app connecting feature is also available for ultra-secure riding or finding a location in an unknown area.

Both the tires are airless, and the shock absorbers are installed near the tires for soft and smooth riding. All the features are of premium quality, but the price is also higher than the regular low-range scooters available in the market. Of course, it seems expensive, but you will never feel the flaws shortly, appearing in many low-quality gadgets. In short, the decision to buy this scooter depends upon your budget range.

  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Connecting with mobile apps
  • Ergonomic design
  • 19 mph top speed for enthusiastic riders
  • Cruise control feature
  • Contains an external pack for the battery
  • The body weight is a little higher
  • Lack a kickstand for adjustment


4- Best trick Scooter for adults – Glion Dolly scooter

Glion Dolly trick Scooter for adults

This scooter has the charming feature of foldability for carrying it anywhere you want, like a suitcase or a sports bag. After its complete folding, people do not believe that this is a bike, It will be an astonishing moment for those who see the unfolded scooter like a suitcase.

The price seems a little bit high, but on the other hand, it could save you money regarding the long-term cost of petroleum and LPG. The surface is primarily black, which is not attractive for kids and childish people. So the combination of color and design is best for compatibility.

The lithium-ion battery is 7.8 Ah that requires a 36V potential for smooth charging, So with a fully charged battery, it can cover a range of 15 miles. This distance range is suitable for short and necessary traveling but not recommended for riding out a city far apart from your locality. To charge the battery fully, it can take up to 4 hours. To maintain the durability of the battery, don’t consume the whole charge till zero.

Another unique feature is the airless tires which can avoid air filling and puncture while traveling on irregular terrain. However, there is no need to worry about the bursting of the tires.

The narrow-body and portable design hold a motor with a pretty attractive power of 250 watts to carry the load of 255 lbs, that load-bearing capacity is satisfied for a typical adult along with the necessary grocery for the kitchen. Its weight-bearing ability is more than enough for the narrow and small frame design.

It holds anti-lock brakes to be controlled by a foot press for decelerating your electric scooter. The light frame is constructed from air vehicle-based aluminum to show a safe response to external resistive conditions like; wind, hot weather, rain, etc.

In short, the Glion Dolly is a little bit expensive scooter, but its functions are more than excellent for this price range. To purchase this, you will feel free for a long time to replace it with the latest one because of its durability. The battery capacity is interesting for riding in the city and towns whenever you want.

  • Maximum foldability
  • To carry it smooth as like a sports bag
  • Lithium-ion durable battery
  • Space shuttle grade aluminum
  • Foot activated brakes
  • No seat for sitting down
  • Quite expensive


5- Swagtron Swagtron 5 lightweight folding electric scooter 

Swagtron Swagtron 5 lightweight folding electric scooter 

A scooter from Swagtron is one of the ultra-featured and quickly foldable products for regular riding lovers. It is featured with many technical features of connecting it to your IOS or Android phone for managing security and location. Apart from these, with the help of its application, you will identify the traveled range, current velocity, percentage of available charge, gear control, and even GPS tracking.

The most remarkable feature you will appreciate is their very high load capacity, up to 145 kg. Adults and teenagers can utilize it as a normal vehicle for transport and carry their shopping gadgets from the town to home. Whenever you have a plane for an extended traveling by car, It is simple to fold this 27.5 lbs scooter and keep it in the space beneath the main seat of the car because of its compact foldable shape.

The beauty of this folding kick scooter for tricks is that there is no need for petroleum and gas filling, just charge and ride. The lithium-ion battery’s charging time is about 5 hours, the actual distance traveled by this charge depends upon the type of the road and the rider’s weight. But on an average basis, this range is about 12 miles for a non-obese rider.

Your investment in this scooter is an excellent and wise decision because it makes a connection between you and your cities to fulfill your life needs. Unlike other modern transportation systems, scooter riding is reliable, pollution safe, and easily maintainable for you. It provides fast speed in three versions for an energetic individual and is safe for rule followers. The use of a helmet is only for your safety and your family’s happiness. Don’t follow the track upon which there is a heavy flow of HTV vehicles to avoid the chances of accidents.

The rear and front wheels are both connected with the brake to control the scooter from overspeeding. There is the facility of taking off the ride with the help of a special acceleration button. The possible top speed for an expert rider is about 29 km per hour, but we are not recommending this limit for a newbie.

This e-scooter is user-friendly for a tech-loving person who prefers to use a mobile phone during the riding to keep himself informed about the speed, distance, charge, etc., with the help of the Swagtron app. This feature is useless for illiterates.

  • Excellent rider weight support
  • Mobile app control
  • The speed with 3 modules
  • Lithium-ion battery
  • Amazing customer reviews
  • Require technical knowledge for app
  • Tires require a regular air checkup


6- Best folding kick scooter for tricks – XPRIT Smallest scooter

XPRIT Smallest folding kick scooter for tricks

In the following review of the scooters, our next product is the XPRIT. It is one of the valuable and efficient reviews for an energetic and safe rider to fulfill their need for a quick outing without waiting on a railway station, bus stand for booking tickets, even for a minor traveling in the city.

Is it happening with you? Then why are you waiting? In this technological world, the invention of reliable, time-saving, user-friendly scooters is better than these HTV vehicles for a small distance. Also, it doesn’t need the regular filling of petroleum except to charge them with electricity which is mostly accessible to every apartment in the town and city.

This scooter operates in two different speed modes, The power-saving mode, and the normal mode. In a power-saving manner, the top speed reaches 9.32 mph, while in the usual way, it attains the maximum speed of 15 mph. The motor power is 250W, and an adjacent battery of 7500mAh is sufficient for its speed compatibility. Once you use it in the day by consuming the charge, You have to recharge it on the same day, most probably in the night while you are sleeping, So it will fulfill in 2-3 hours.

It is likely an ideal scooter and is composed of premium quality aluminum with 27 lbs. This folding kick scooter for tricks can hold the weight up to 220 lbs without damage during the riding, but it could be a good idea to keep the scooter’s weight less than 220 lbs for long time durability.

There are two colors of the LED for displaying and indicating normal mode and a power-saving mode. If it is ON the white light, then the mode is power-saving, if the LED turns to red color, it shows normal power mode. There is a total of 4 LED lights for the indication of battery life.

It is manufactured with a smooth and secure braking system in the hand that is connected to the back wheel. Its two compatible tires are solid and slip-free with a size of 8.5 inches. Another safety feature for night driving is their reflectors on the side and braking light.

  • Dual power mode
  • Indicators for battery charge
  • Anti-slip wheels
  • Two top speeds
  • Side reflectors for night
  • Good battery capacity
  • Lack of mobile app connectivity
  • No external shock absorbers


7- Hiboy MAX Folding stunt scooter

Hiboy MAX Folding stunt scooter

One of the high featured scooters among our best suggestions reviews has been selected from Hiboy MAX based on our research and the customer’s satisfying response. Regarding the foldability, it takes just a second to collapse quickly for carrying in a single hand to anywhere around you want.

It comes with a 350-watt motor with the capability of a high speed of 18.6 mph, reaching this limit is not suitable for kids without proper safety equipment. With a fully charged battery, you can efficiently utilize this for your basic needs of short traveling to the town for picking up groceries and gadgets. The absolute limit of distance for the whole charge consumption is 17 miles.

It can avoid the need for a heavy bike and car for a small outing. Also, a narrow bike can pass easily in those areas where there is massive traffic So that you will smoothly find a path for yourself, and in the end, your precious time can save from roadside waiting. Another beauty of kick scooter for tricks is the savage of extra money for oil and gas filling, as in cars and heavy vehicles.

There are shock absorbers near the front wheels for a smooth and comfortable feeling, it is an attractive feature for riding on rough and disorganized terrain like a hilly area. It holds a secure braking system for quick control by providing a quick command system. For feet support, an anti-slip pedal is designed for about the youth’s size. It is safe to ride in late-night because of dual headlights in the front.

Connect it through Bluetooth with your IOS or Android to check the statistics of speed, charge, distance, etc., with seconds. The tires are of the solid type with a size of 8.5 inches. 

  • Dual headlights
  • Availability of shock absorber
  • Anti-slip pedal
  • Apps connectivity
  • Quick foldability
  • No reflection stripe on the front


8- Best Folding kick scooter for tricks – Jetson Quest scooter

Jetson Quest Folding kick scooter for tricks

The next product from our list of combinations of best scooter reviews with a folding feature and technical functions is the product of Jetson’s quest for teenagers and energetic riders. The battery quality, tire capability, and braking system are user-friendly. It is the loving tool of the new generation for transportation and enjoyment.

Its top speed is 15 miles per hour with the help of a 250-watt motor and has a total distance range of 18 miles. It provides smooth riding due to solid tires that can absorb the shock generated due to irregular barriers in the path. The shock reduction capacity of the wheels is only sufficient for minor roughness. Therefore, it will not perform smoothly in the hilly tracks.

The maximum storage and the prevention of unwanted loss of the charge also depend upon the quality and the type of materials used in the battery. In this regard, its long-lasting charge holding capacity is because of the lithium-ion battery. Charge the battery in the proper electric voltage for the durability of the battery. This charge is enough for 18 miles of travel.

The LED light has been installed to brighten the path in the night traveling to assure your security and safety. You have to use a helmet for your life and the happiness of your family because trauma to the head proves very dangerous in accidents. Also, dress your feet in soft and slip-free solid shoes to feel comfortable.

There are shiny lights on the side of this kick scooter for tricks, which provides an attractive look to the roadside people in the evening. Its design is narrow and slim along with the deck, which is why overweight people must not choose this scooter for its use. Its price is occurring in the medium range.

  • Hold a disk brake
  • Contains Li-ion battery
  • Availability of headlight
  • Good battery capacity
  • Easy foldability
  • Lack anti-slip foot box
  • Narrow design

9- QIEWA Q1HUMMER Electric Scooter – For heavy riders

QIEWA Q1HUMMER Electric Scooter reviews

If you aim to cover more distance in a short time by riding and looking for a fast and powerful scooter that can quickly reach you to your targeted location, then the Qiwa Q1 Hummer scooter is a perfect option.
It is famous among fast scooters due to its helpful and modern features. Its advanced features have dual shock absorbers to make your ride soft and smooth on rough terrains.

The motor power is 800 watts, which can cover 65 miles range with a full charge. This range of distance is more than enough for a regular daily base riding in the city. Interestingly, it can avoid the need for a car and other heavy traffic vehicles in your journey.

Unlike heavy vehicles, it can save a lot of your investment and storage space for parking because of its foldable feature, making it better for the customer’s attraction. The maximum riding speed is 37mph for those terrains where the traffic authorities have restricted folding electric scooters for adults.

The 10 inches tires with pneumatic features also can absorb shocks on rough terrain. The tire size is even better for a young person. Its load-bearing capacity is 550 lbs, which can easily support an average teenager and their necessary luggage.

Another unique feature of this scooter is that it contains a USB slot in the control port in the front for charging mobile phone devices through cable because your life must be highly linked with the use of a phone. The speed brakes with LED light seem attractive in late-night riding and provide a safety indication to another vehicle on the road.

The key reason behind its better operation is using a 26 Ah lithium battery that helps promote the top speed. The double disk brakes are helpful for the stable reduction of speed.

It holds an anti-theft feature for safety purposes that allows you to lock your electric scooter in the parking. The height of its handles is compatible and much of the controlling equipment is located on the handle. Within a few seconds, you can carry it with you whenever you want by folding it within a few seconds. Although it is a fact that it is reliable, affordable, and durable, for someone, it seems a little bit expensive within its budget range.

  • An average top speed of 35mph
  • A stable double disk brakes
  • An attractive LED light for the brakes
  • The better load-bearing capacity of 550 lbs for adults
  • Holds an anti-theft remote key fob
  • Quick folding in 2 seconds
  • Ip65 waterproof
  • Cover 65 miles distance range with a full battery
  • Not good to sit on it
  • Expensive for low budget people

10- Type R complete pro scooter

kick scooter for tricks without a seat

Root Industries is proud to bring its new line of lightweight freestyle pro stunt scooters for riding in the streets and parks. Root recognizes the need for durability, while still maintaining a lightweight frame. They have put countless hours into testing out designs with our top professional riders and have found a perfect balance between form and function. The Root Industries team always prides itself on being one of the best in the market.

It is created for the best riders. Root Industries is rooted in passion and is driven to connect directly with the scooter community, ensuring complete satisfaction for all of our customers. Root Industries pro scooter products are forged through hours upon hours of dedication and determination, hard work and hard slams, heavy research, and calculated execution, to ensure that these scooters are compatible with any normal task of riding.

Great for intermediate to advanced riders looking for a stunt scooter capable of handling the growing tricks. Unlike cheap, knock-off stunt scooters that take hours of frustration to get fully assembled and riding, this scooter is 95% assembled at unboxing, and ready to ride.

  • Lightweight and durable
  • 95% assembled
  • Awesome colors
  • Fixed handlebar


Frequently asked questions

There are some commonly asked questions about the trick scooters to help the lovers of tricky scooters.

1- How heavy should a trick scooter be?

The weight of scooters for tricks ranges from 3.5 to 5 kg, which varies for different models and designs. A proper weight limit is important because a heavy scooter will be out of a rider’s control.

2- How much does a good trick scooter cost?

For a typical trick scooter, the price limit is from 200$ to 1000$, depending on the features and quality of parts. A scooter with the potential of managing more stress and a compatible weight is highly recommended.


The compatibility of a durable scooter is different from individual to individual, some riders give preference to the style and attractive look, while some want their first choice as the quality of operating features for better performance and smooth traveling. The main aim of an electric scooter is to save time and money related to heavy bikes and cars.

Here we described the reviews of 10 scooters from different brands with the best foldability feature for hand carrying. You have to read the reviews in this article to better understand and invest your money in a safe item. The folding scooter’s significant features are almost identical, with a minor variation in design and extra features.

Among all the reviewed items, our recommendation is Xiaomi MI M365 due to some reasons. Firstly, Its price range is laying in the medium category, which is easily affordable for everyone. Secondly, This Xiaomi possesses many positive reviews from previous customers who had bought it before for their purpose. Apart from this, its design is straightforward and lovely, So you will efficiently operate it in your life.

If your first choice is a fancy lifestyle and you want to keep your traveling source different from the surrounding, we prefer QIEWA Q1Hummer for you. For this, you need your pocket to be full of money because it requires a pretty handsome budget. The speed range and battery capacity are outstanding in this range. It also provides a smooth and fast riding opportunity for enthusiasm.

Likewise, Razor is one of the famous brands in the market for scooters, and it has got the title of bestseller due to its quality and customer’s trust. These are available at an excellent price with premium body materials. Hence your investment in the Razor should be a wise decision.

When it comes to quality, these scooters are manufactured from aluminum used in the space shuttles, whose primary functions are low weight and long time performance. This point is enough for the satisfaction of investing your money in these scooters.

When it comes to the price, this list of “best kick scooter for tricks” contains products from the lowest budget to the highest one. Most probably, one with your budget range must be available for fulfilling your needs and requirements.

Regarding the load capacity, All of them are in the range of adult weight. The height of the handles is also compatible with adults. The ride is fast and smooth due to the availability of shock absorbers and ride-friendly tires. Your body safety is necessary when you want to ride on the main highway.

In the case of foldability, It takes just a second to fold for hand carrying and keeping in the small corner of cars and apartments. After folding, bring it in hand like a suitcase and school bag. Riding on these can provide you with a feeling of strength and energy.

Regarding all the reviews and suggestions, the product’s final selection depends upon your choice and requirements. You have to compare all the scooters with your demands and then decide after that.

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