10 Best razor scooter for teenager in 2022- Review and Guide for teens

Electric scooters are the favorite source of transportation for teenagers due to the young and energetic mode of their health. It is a fast, comfortable, affordable, and pollution-free tool for riding across cities and towns. Once you want to meet with your friends, either for a visit or an emergency call, such a scooter is most suitable for avoiding unnecessary traffic in the public squares. A razor scooter for teenager provides some extra help in the condition where someone wants to park near the mall and restaurant because you will find some space easily for parking near your area of interest. 

It provides some feelings of heavy bikes for enjoyment and refreshment within a low budget value by riding with your colleagues. If you want to know more reviews of the best electric scooter, keep in touch with this article.

Our top recommendations
For long time riding
A scooter with seat and basket
A foldable scooter

Best razor scooter for teenager – Reviews

There are many scooters available in the market, but we have listed some best varieties based on experience. It will undoubtedly save your time while planning to buy it.

1- Best electric scooter for teenager – Razor E300 scooter

Razor E300 electric scooter for teenager


Razor scooter for teenager is very famous in the market for their better functions in everyday riding within some limitations. As compared to Xiaomi and some others, it is somewhat heavy for carrying in the handheld condition. A 100 kg teenager is the peak limit of an individual to ride upon this razor scooter in the streets. The composition of the frame is steel, and the total body weight is 19.5 kilograms. The speed of 15 mph is enough for a good scooter with a high torque due to the power supplied by a 250-watt motor.

There are 9 inches of pneumatic tires on both front and backside, Such an air-containing wheel almost depends upon the availability of proper air. Otherwise, it will decrease efficiency. It possesses two 12V batteries with a total of 24V for the continuous use of 40 minutes. A hand brake is on the left handle, connected to the wheels through a cable. A parking stand is also available to park it in the standing position. There is no LED on the front for digital control. The heavyweight is sometimes the indication of durability and performance.

  • Better size frame
  • Steel alloy frame
  • High-torque motor
  • Air containing tires
  • Lead-acid battery
  • Pollution-free
  • Heavyweight is not good for its balancing.


2- RX200 electric razor scooter for teenager

RX200 electric razor scooter for teenager

This scooter from Razor is the off-road variant of the classic E200 with many best features. Its tires have been designed in such a way as to overcome the slight roughness of the terrain. The high torque of its motor causes a high speed of 12 mph, and its battery works for 40 minutes by charging once. The load capacity of this scooter is154 pounds, which is not suitable for heavy adults.

The materials used in the frame composition are steel alloy, and the braking type is a disc. There is a Y-shape handlebar that has soft grips on the corners. The core of its wheels has been manufactured from alloy and the outer surface from rubber. The voltage of its rechargeable battery is 24V.

  • Suitable for off-road
  • Soft hand grips
  • Steel alloy frame
  • Have a kickstand
  • Not best for heavy adults


3- best electric scooter for adults – Razor power core E90 e-scooter

Razor power core E90 electric scooter for adults

This scooter is the best option for kids to improve their riding skills and enjoyment. The surface of its deck has been decorated with LEDs for night visibility and the kid’s attraction. Its frame is composed of steel, has a lightweight body, and the rear tire is airless. It will ride for 60 minutes and has a ten mph maximum speed limit.
Its sealed lead acid battery has a voltage of 12V, and for stopping there is a front braking system. There is a retractable kickstand, and the scooter is hand-operated.

  • LEDs on the deck
  • All-steel frame
  • Hand-operated
  • Retractable kickstand
  • Not recommended for heavy adults


4- E Prime Air Razor scooter for teenager

E Prime Air Razor scooter for teenager

This razor scooter for teenager is also the product of a razor brand that has many compatible features for comfortable riding. There is a rear braking system, and the frame material is aluminum. Its front wheel is pneumatic, and the rear wheel is air-less so that these wheels will maintain a smooth ride on normal terrain. It is an adult-range design and works by a rear-wheel-drive method.

There is a 250 watts brushless motor, and the rear-wheel-drive is best for increased control and traction. This foldable scooter has the highest speed of 15 mph. Usually, it is suitable for riders of weight about 200 lbs.

  • Rear-wheel drive
  • Aluminum frame
  • Pneumatic front wheel
  • Foldable
  • Lacks a seat


5- Best electric scooter with seat under $500 – Razor ecosmart scooter

Razor ecosmart electric scooter with seat under $500

It is a unique electric scooter for under 500 dollars whose tires are designed in a bicycle and possesses a seat and a basket on the backside. The air-filled wheel’s size is 16 inches, and the motor is applied to the back wheel for riding. There is a comfortable handgrip, and the brak’s control is on the handle for safety. There is a powerful motor of 500 watts which provides a maximum speed of 18 mph.

Its handlebar is adjustable, and this is a suitable design for those who are willing to carry groceries, etc., from one point to another because there is an open basket. It is not a suitable design for adults above 220 lbs.

  • Have a basket
  • Adjustable handlebar
  • Handbrake
  • 16 inches wheels
  • 500 watts motor
  • No control panel


6- Best Folding stunt scooter for teenager – Razor E Prime scooter

Razor E Prime Folding stunt scooters for adults

No doubt that the Razor is a market-leading brand for the scooter’s business and manufacturing. It has achieved the title of the bestseller for its quality and the positive reviews of the customers. After buying this, you will see all the modern features and functions in this product like; your dream for folding razor scooter for teenager.

The body of the product is composed of high-grade aluminum, which performs better than normal steel and iron regarding strength, corrosion-resistant, load capacity, etc. However, it has a sturdy and durable frame for the typical rider up to a load of 176 lbs for smooth traveling. It possesses the ability to fold within seconds and carry it in the hand where you want to travel by foot.

A comfortable foot room in the deck helps prevent you from slipping due to the availability of rough texture grips. The grips are covered and molded with soft rubber, which is better for insulation from very hot and cold weather. At the bottom of the handlebar, there are located 5 LED lights as a battery indicator, Below which a control switch is present.

The sturdy height holds a two-way lock for premium security and a clamp that features a double stack. Its 250W motor charging can take the time up to 4 hours with a proper voltage. Don’t charge your device with a high voltage that exceeds the required limits.

To begin your riding initially, you have to provide a push of 3 mph to the scooter by foot or ask another person to push it from the back with a jerk. After that, it will start with the fastest speed of 15 mph for the rest of the journey till 40 minutes with a single battery charge. The fender brake at the back tire has an electric command on the left handle.

It is also a reality that the maximum distance range is not so high, but for this range, the price is also affordable for an average person. The diameter of the tires is 8 inches and is airless, these are helpful for a smooth ride while minimizing the shock.

  • Tow-way security lock
  • Comfortable feet room
  • Durable materials
  • Soft grip handle
  • Lightweight and foldable
  • The low range of 40 minutes
  • Manual push-starting
  • Lack powerful shock absorbers


7- Power Core E100 Razor Scooter for teenager

Power Core E100 Scooters for teens

It’s a very stylish and latest electric scooter for under 300 dollars. You can enjoy a long ride with this innovative Power Core E100. Its innovative motor gives a great acceleration with a twist of the throttle and makes your ride fast and more comfortable, and it is the main enhanced feature of this latest product.

This motor size is 100 watts and has a high torque level with no extra alignment. It comes without any chain or belt and keeps the ride maintenances-free and extra smooth. It also has a kick-start facility, which is similar to the normal scooters and gives you a traditional feeling.

It comes with a 24V (two 12V) sealed lead-acid battery, which is rechargeable and provides 50% more ride time than the previous Razor products. You can continually use it for 60 minutes, which makes it a more perfect and latest product. Its appearance is also very appealing with black and blue color combinations.

Its deck is all steel-framed, and that frame is made of aluminum material. So you can use it for a solid ride on bumpy and hard roads with the best results. It can hold up to 120 pounds (54 kg) weight, so it is recommended for eight years old. These features make it the best electric product to buy under a normal range.

  • Its top speed is ten mph
  • 60 minutes continue the ride
  • Steel frame aluminum deck is perfect for a solid ride
  • 50% more ride time than the previous Razor product
  • Motor and batteries need extra care.

8- Razor C25 electric scooter for teens

Razor C25 electric scooter for teens

The Razor C25 Scooter is the ultimate smooth ride. With the Patented ultra-high rebound of the SuperCushion tires, you won’t feel any bumps in the road, delivering a smooth and comfortable ride every time.

This scooter has 2 wheels, a medium-size scooter with a 250-watt motor, and a 36V rechargeable lithium battery. This gives you 18 miles on a single charge in Eco mode or 9 miles on a single charge with Sport Mode. For safety, it can go up to 10 mph in Eco and 18 mph in Sport mode.

This foldable scooter can travel with you wherever you go within limits. Fold it down to easily pack up in your car, or store it under a table, leaving both of your hands-free for work or play.

The razor scooter is the most convenient and easy-to-use mode of transportation on land. Its pneumatic tires allow you to tackle a variety of surfaces, while rear-wheel drive provides added stability. With a steel handlebar and frame, this scooter is built to last.

Razor has been the leader in stand-up electric scooters for young adults. Designed specifically for those ages 18 and older, It delivers high-performance acceleration and power to zip around town with ease.

  • Pneumatic wheels
  • 250 watts motor
  • Foldable
  • No seat


9- Razor T25 electric scooter for riders

Razor T25 electric scooter for riders

Electric-powered scooters give you all the fun of a normal scooter without high mess, noise, or fumes. This razor electric scooter is built around a 250-watt, kick-to-start, variable-speed, brushless, hub-driven motor that delivers speeds of up to 15.5 mph on a 36V lithium-ion battery pack.

Rediscover the joy of scooting with the razor scooter. It features 3-speed modes to crank things up or take them down a notch depending on your mood and is available in an amazing design to suit every personality.

Razor’s T25 electric scooter is an awesome ride for kids 12 and up. It comes equipped with a linear drive train, twist-grip acceleration control, high-speed rear hub motor, and LED headlight and brake activated taillight for better visibility. With the folding design, it can be stored or hand-carried easily.

  • 36V lithium-ion battery
  • Have three riding modes
  • LED headlight
  • The handlebar’s height is not adjustable


10- Razor UB1 seated electric scooter

Razor UB1 seated electric scooter

The UB1 seated electric scooter is a sophisticated vehicle that makes commuting fun. The large, pneumatic front tire provides a smooth ride over bumps, cracks, and rough roads. Your journey will be even smoother with the padded seat and soft, rubber grips.

The razor scooter’s design makes this unit a true pleasure to ride. The intuitive throttle features thumb-activated, variable-speed, paddle control that lets you reach speeds up to 13. 5 mph. Ride up to 40 minutes with the included rechargeable battery.

Peddle around with razor’s new kick scooter. The perfectly balanced, large 8” pneumatic front tire and 8” airless, flat-free rear tire deliver optimal comfort, making the ride soft and smooth over even the most rugged and rutted surfaces. This scooter’s sturdy aluminum frame holds riders up to 220 pounds and fits easily into most car trunks. Its adjustable-height suspension post seat and soft handlebar grips make it a compatible one for teenagers.

  • Aluminum frame
  • Pneumatic front tire
  • Unique design
  • Not best for adults of weight more than 100 kg


Buyer’s Guide

Buying a razor scooter for teenagers is the speedy trend of present and future time for adults and teenagers. Apart from traveling, it is the best source of enjoyment in spare time. A beginner will face some difficulties whenever they decide to select the best one among the bulk. Here we will explain those features that must be present in the best scooter for better durability and performance.

1- Power

There is a wide range of power for electric scooters from about 150W to about 6000 watts. The power describes the torque of the motor and hence the speed per unit time. A scooter would be best only for the use of teenagers if the power is at least 250 watts. It is the main factor that also describes the load-bearing capacity of the scooter. A motor is that particular part whose fast and slow rotation depends upon the value of its power.

2- Speed

The choice of speed depends upon the enthusiasm of the rider. The speed limit is ranging from low as ten mph to a high of 40 mph. Some people don’t want to reach the peak speed limit for the safety of their life. A best teenager’s choice is that whose speed limit is about 15 mph, as described above in this article. The value of speed also depends upon the surface of terrains and the load placed upon the scooter. For a beginner, follow the traffic rules of the speed to avoid the possibility of risk.

3- Range   

The range describes how much distance will be covered for a fully charged battery. So the range of an e-scooter is mostly dependent upon the capacity and quality of the battery. For a full-time rider of the e-scooter, it will run for at least 4 hours continuously. But if you are a part-time rider, only in the holidays and for urgent shopping, then a scooter with a small size battery is also enough to fulfill your requirements. A range is also affected by the roughness of terrains, extra loads, upward slope, and acceleration.

4- Safety features

Safety of the rider is preferable to anything else, And quick control of speed is the significant action of protection during a continuous ride. For such activity, specific brakes are available with a modified e-scooter, but a handbrake and disc brakes are common brakes in many scooters. Hand brakes are easy to apply without losing the balance, So this feature must be checked while buying a new e-scooter. Other significant parts of safety are the availability and use of helmets and knee safeguards. It is suggesting that don’t compromise on your body safety whenever you want to ride.

5- Comfortability

Comfortability is the key requirement which people are expecting from the modern source of traveling. The more you feel comfortable, the more will you enjoy the riding. Ensure that all body parts feel relaxed during riding, especially the elbow, knee, and backbones.

Here are the few factors which are necessary to observe before buying it.

Hight of a handlebar

The total height from the front wheel to the handles must reach the body’s position where you feel your wrist and elbow relaxed for a long time. The position of your backbone must be straight to avoid uncomfortable feelings. The selection of this height mostly depends upon the body structure of the individual.


Wheels are most important for overcoming the irregularities on the terrains which you face during your journey. A wheel may be solid, or it may be pneumatic. So, an air-containing tire contributes to the absorbance of shocks because it can adjust its surface according to the barrier in the path. It also avoids many small jerks, but its disadvantage is the proper maintenance of air and recovering the puncture that may occur accidentally. Hence for smoothness and relaxation, you must prefer a pneumatic wheel.

Shock absorbers

A good electric scooter must contain some spring suspensions above the wheels to absorb the shocks generated from the roughness of the terrain. It must be installed on a single wheel if not on both. Such suspensions are also helpful for the health of bone, especially for elders and previously fractured bones. The feeling of shock most apparently occurs during a swift movement.

Weight and price

Weight is a factor that normally affects speed and balance; A heavy scooter is also difficult for a child to balance. Weight also causes difficulty for the handheld carrying of a scooter. The suitable range of weight is about 15 kg for a foldable electric scooter for teenagersIt is a fact that a scooter with more advanced features must be expensive, So, first of all, you have to look into your budget value.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Some questions come to the mind of a beginner planning to buy an electric scooter for their own or family use. After reading these questions, it will help you to invest your money in a valuable scooter.

1- How do scooters work? 

As from the name, its fuel source is electricity, and its operation depends upon the combination of motor and battery. The battery supplies energy to the motor for continuous rotation, and hence the scooter operates. The main control factor (brake and accelerator) are present on the handlebar. Most e-scooter is kick-starting, and these are newly emerging tools for riding compared to cars and bikes.

2- Are e-scooters safer than bikes?

Compared to heavy bikes, an electric scooter has limited speed, So they reach a limited extent due to limited speed, but many precautionary measurements should follow while riding upon it. Helmets, gloves, and knee safeguards are the prime equipment used for body safety. Apart from safety, it also prevents you from the regular filling of oil tanks as in bikes.

3- Are 2 wheels scooters better than 3 wheels?

Three wheels are preferable for beginners and children because the third wheel provides additional support to keep it from turning and falling on the concrete floor. A two-wheel scooter is the best option for a teenager who loves to travel outside on the roads at high speed. Safety is most important for a two-wheel scooter.

4- Is it hard to learn to ride an electric scooter?

The learning of riding on such a scooter is the easiest experience as compared to bike and motorcycle. A user manual is primarily available, but you will learn it easily with the help of your expert colleague. Sometimes you will not ever need a license, but it may depend upon the traffic rules of your locality.

5- Can you use electric scooter while raining?

Its running source is electricity, and the chances of water reaching the electric connection are very high in the rainy environment. The scooter’s body is composed of conductors that quickly transmit a small current to each conductive part. So for safety purposes, it is not allowed to ride your e-scooter in the rain.

6- What are the advantages of an electric scooter?

There are many advantages by the use of the electric scooter, some of these are:

  • It keeps the environment safe from air pollution, which happens from hydrocarbon combustion in normal bikes.
  • Its weight is low to pack it and carry it with yourself in hand and the car store.
  • The price is very low compared to heavy bikes, and an average person can easily afford to pay for it.
  • A beginner will easily learn its operation with some practice.


The review and information about the best razor scooter for teenager is present in this article in detail. Most of the features are common, but there is a wide variation in the design and the external look. These products will fulfill your requirements for a long time if you follow the rules and limits recommended by the manufacturer. I hope this article is helpful for you to select the best electric scooter.

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