12 best scooter wheels for tricks in 2022 – Reviews and FAQs

Do you love scootering? What is your favorite way to do tricks on a scooter? If you are looking for wheels that will give you the best time on your next ride, then this blog post is for you! We share some of the best scooter wheels for tricks and what they offer. So far we have looked at; Razor Wheels,  GRAVITI Wheels, Honeycore Wheels, etc. These brands offer different features and benefits, so it’s important to find out which brand is perfect for YOU before making a purchase.

Our top recommendations
Wheels with many colours option
Wheels with honeycomb-shaped rim

Scooter wheels for tricks – Reviews with pros and cons

Below are the reviews of some best wheels for scooters to make your choice easy. So without wasting time let’s start.

1- Razor scooter wheel 

Razor scooter wheel 

Give your scooter a fresh look with these Razor Scooter Wheels. They come in packs of 2 and there are six different colors to choose from. The wheels measure 3.85 inches wide and 98 mm high-grade urethane wheels/bearings. they fit the following models: A, A2, A4, Spark, and Spark 2.0. (don’t forget a new deck for your ride). These wheels are easy to install but you are recommended to use safety equipment.

  • High-grade urethane
  • Easy to install
  • Many colours
  • None


2- Best scooter wheels for tricks – Graviti wheels

Graviti scooter wheels for tricks

With strong high-rebound 88A PU(Polyurethane Material) and machined aluminum, these scooter wheels are made to last. Each wheel is 100mm wide with a 24mm diameter for fast rolling. They come standard in black but can be customized by color.

Using our 100mm coaching wheel on parks and paved roads, this product is perfect for any professional or amateur scooter rider. The wheels will hold up well during fast spins so you can get the most out of your ride.

Even after our guaranteed wait time of 6 months. Please feel free to contact the brand with any concerns you may have at your convenience.

  • Aluminium and polyurethane materials
  • 24mm size
  • Compatible for paved roads
  • Wide spaces in the rims


3- Best wheels for scooter tricks – Honeycore wheels

Honeycore wheels for scooter tricks

Root Industries scooter wheels are lightweight and sleek while maintaining a sturdy design. The durability of every Root Industries freestyle part is thanks to years of hard work from some top riders overseen by a company that’s dedicated to perfection.

The input contains information about the quality, features, and benefits associated with root industries pro scooter wheels which should be summarized in an engaging way without simply repeating what was said verbatim or conflicting it with other inputs.

They’ve been tested by skatepark riders all around the world and they’re made from dedication, determination, hard work, and hard slams. With their line of high-quality AIR or Honeycore 110mm/120mm scooter wheels for tricks, installation is a breeze and takes less than 10 minutes. No longer will you have to deal with lengthy wheel swaps during those spontaneous sessions at the park. Their unique tone wheel lineup allows you to create the perfect scooter by matching colors that will look great together.

  • Lightweight and durable
  • Easy installation
  • Many colors
  • Small spaces in the rim
  • Smooth surface


4- AOWISH wheels for scooters

AOWISH wheels for scooters

These flashing scooter wheels will make kids feel like they are riding the lightning. If you’ve ever been in a dark alley and seen the sparks from these tires, then you know how bright it can be. They also keep your kid safe because no matter what time of day or night, they’ll always see where they’re going with their luminous glow. These high-end features give 3 to 12-year-olds more fun while protecting them at all times.

These wheels are big and bright in order to roll smoothly on uneven surfaces. They’re compatible with a variety of kick scooters, including 2-wheeled mini push scooters, 3-wheel micro foldable kick scooters, kids’ adjustable height folding portable electric self-balancing unicycles. Installation is easy without any maintenance needed and they’re weather resistant.

The wheels we received may not be bright when riding. If you run into this problem, try removing the bearings and magnetic core from the wheel and reinstalling them to solve it entirely most of the time. You could also use a more convenient method or return your goods immediately if that is what works best for you.

  • Convenient to use
  • Children’s favourite
  • Wear-resistant
  • Not compatible for adults


5- Best scooter wheels for tricks – Z-First wheels

Z-First scooter wheels for tricks

Next, we have Z-first wheels for tricky riding. Get your hands on these great alloy aluminum buckles that are the same ones found in Lucky and Razor scooters. With 3 colors to choose from, everyone can find their perfect match with our 110mm size wheel. They have smooth bearings too so buckle up for some fun riding action today.

  • Best for beginners and professionals
  • Have aluminum
  • Beautiful design
  • Not suitable for bikes


6- Freedare scooter wheels 

Freedare scooter wheels 

These wheels have 100mm diameter and 24mm width. There come 4pcs kick scooter replacement wheels with ABEC-7 bearings and 85A PU high-grade urethane wrapped in solid PP cores which keep balance when kicking along the sidewalk. The 100 mm diameter and 24 mm width make it best for a Kick Scooter.

The bearings are so smooth and quiet. They reduce vibration, friction, leading me to go faster and feel more in control of my car. Replacement parts come standard which is perfect for durability and stability purposes. They offer a 6-month warranty on all complete wheelsets because we stand behind our high-quality craftsmanship.

  • Provide stable and smooth riding
  • Suitable for kick scooter
  • Polyurethane material
  • Durable
  • Not suitable for mobility scooters


7- Liberty scooter wheels for pro scooters

Liberty scooter wheels for pro scooters

These wheels are available with a lightweight, durable design and ABEC 9 bearings installed, Liberty Pro Scooters Hollow Core wheels will help you fly to a new destination. At just 8 oz per wheel with bearing installed these 110mm wheels are the perfect choice for your next trick or freestyle session.

  • Best design
  • Strong and durable
  • Sold in pairs


8- Graviti scooter wheels 

Graviti scooters wheel

This pair of high-quality wheels are made from CNC machined aluminum and 88A PU material. The package comes with 2 scooter wheels for tricks that have a fast-rolling, highly precise bearing system. Wheels are the main part of each stunt scooter. Our 100mm diameter wheels fit on all standard decks, so you can install them quickly and easily to create your own awesome riding experience.

  • CNC alloy core
  • Simple to install
  • Machined exterior finished
  • Small diameter


9- Fuzion pro scooter wheels 

Fuzion pro scooters wheel

Get ready to ride like the pros with these 110mm Fuzion Pro Scooter Wheels. These wheels are lightweight and durable, making them perfect for whatever you throw at them. They feature a hollow core design which helps lighten your scooter while maintaining an excellent strength-to-weight ratio. 110 mm diameter, 38 lbs per wheel means that they will not only look great on most stunt or street decks but also offer 120 psi of pressure rating more than enough air volume for any rider’s needs.

  • Hallow core
  • ABEC-9 bearings pair
  • Large spaces in the rim


10- Best pro stunt scooter wheels – Aibiku wheels

Aibiku pro stunt scooters wheel

Upgrade the performance of your scooter with our 100mm CNC machined aluminum wheels. They are designed to be strong and gently roll a friendly 100mm scooter wheel is the most important part of every coaching stunt/freestyle scooter. We designed it to be used on parks and paved roads, making sure that your stunts are smooth Along at high speeds, ready for you to ride off into the sunset on an even better adventure than before.

  • Beautiful design
  • Fast-rolling and high precision
  • Machined finished exterior
  • Not best for bikes


11- Honeycore wheels for outdoors

Honeycore wheels for outdoors

Root Industries was pushing the limits of what is possible in terms of hollow-core technology and advanced manufacturing processes to find a honeycomb cutout pattern that would save weight, while also looking great. These bikes functioned better than their contemporaries.

A lightweight aluminum alloy core will make the wheels feel as if you aren’t even wearing them. The ABEC 9 bearings are included and already installed, making it easy to get started with your new skates right out of the box. Having an 88A PU hardness means that these wheels can handle a variety of surfaces without losing speed or traction. These high-quality components ensure smooth movement while skating for long periods at full tilt on any surface imaginable; indoors or outdoors. As we have mentioned, they are very lightweight. Each wheel comes in 5 1/2 ounces (5 inches) up to 7 3/4 ounces.

  • Honey comb-shaped rim
  • Lightweight
  • Many colors
  • Best for adults and kids
  • Not best for mobility scooters


12- Dropln scooter wheels 

Dropln scooter wheels 

These 110mm blue/silver two-tone scooter wheels have durable polyurethane and a high rebound black metal alloy core. They will fit performance scooters such as MPG, District, and Envy along with our DIS101, DIS110, or any of the Custom Pro Scooters from us. The hardness is rated at 86A for an excellent feel while being very durable. Free installed bearings are ABEC 11 with spacers to complete your set-up on any one of these great products.

  • Metal rim
  • High-speed bearings
  • Durable
  • Smooth surface


Frequently asked questions

Give a read to the following commonly asking questions to solve your queries.

1- What is the best scooter to do tricks on?

Scooters are a great mode of transportation yet they are also fun to use for tricks. If you are looking to purchase a scooter I have created this informative article on what scooters are best for doing tricks.

Scooter boards can be used for stunts, tricks, and even racing. Forget the Razor kick scooters because they do not allow you to perform tricks. Scooters are best for doing tricks when they have an excellent balance and can roll perfectly on any terrain. The following list outlines the best scooter brands to buy which will give you the right set-up for doing tricks.

My top pick is the Razor Pro X scooter. It has good trucks, a sturdy deck, and comes with high-rated wheels. The brakes on the Pro X scooter are not that good and it takes a bit of getting used to riding this scooter.

The Baja Boards Sports Pro Cruiser is also a great choice. This board has wide trucks and a durable deck which makes it an ideal scooter for tricks. If you are tall, there is a chance you could be too big for this scooter. I recommend making sure there is enough room between your knees and the handles because you could risk smashing them up if they are too close to your chest.

The Micro go scooter has urethane wheels which makes it perfect for smooth roads and pavement. These wheels will allow you to land tricks with ease.

The Micro Mini scooter is also perfect for tricks. It has small wheels which makes it ideal to use on the sidewalk. The brake on this scooter works well and overall it is great value for money. I recommend buying this if you are between 3’10” – 4’5″ because you will be too tall for the mini scooter otherwise.

Overall, my top pick is the Razor Pro X scooter. It has good trucks, a sturdy deck, and comes with high-rated wheels.

2- What is the hardest scooter wheel?

The hardest/strongest scooter wheels for tricks are the one that prevents it from breaking or cracking under pressure. Different brands of wheels have different size bolt holes and different hardness ratings, so the strongest wheel isn’t necessarily the one with the biggest bolts holding it together. That said, we do recommend using a tougher wheel if you’re going to be using bigger bolts.

A wheel with a higher durometer rating is stronger, in general, but it’s also much stiffer, harder to slide on, and less forgiving when hitting cracks in the road. All of these things are factors that riders need to weigh when choosing what wheel they think will work best for them.

There are other factors that also determine the strength of a wheel. Size is an important consideration, as bigger wheels are generally stronger than smaller ones. However, they’re also harder to control. Weight doesn’t make much of a difference either way, although it can affect how long your bearings last if you go too heavy with metal cores or shields.

3- Are hallow scooter wheels good?

No, they’re not.  First, I’ll start this answer by explaining the difference between these two types of wheels: pneumatic and solid.  A pneumatic (sometimes referred to as “air”) wheel has a tire with air in it.  When you hit a bump, the tire absorbs the shock and keeps your scooter rolling smoothly.  A solid (sometimes referred to as “solid rubber”) wheel has no air so sometimes the ride is rougher than other types of wheels, but they’re lighter weight and people tend to be able to roll over more obstacles with them.

As far as tricks go, it’s best to pick a wheel size that matches the purpose of the trick you’re doing. Your scooter should probably have 110mm wheels.  If you’re just riding around for fun, cruising, and doing mellow tricks, go with 90mm wheels.  If you’re riding ramps and jumps most of the time, then your scooter should have 125mm wheels or larger.  You can also mix and match wheel sizes on the same deck if you want to do two tricks that require different wheel sizes.

4- How long do razor wheel last?

The life expectance of a set of scooter wheels is between 1 and 3 months, depending on the riding conditions and maintenance performed by the user. This estimate applies to all brands (Razor, Airwheel, etc.). Once they lose traction (i.e. stop gripping the ground enough to support all of one’s body weight), they should be replaced.

For scooter wheels commonly found on three-wheeled scooters; The life expectance of a set of scooter wheels for tricks is between 6 months and a year, depending on the riding conditions and maintenance performed by the user. Once they lose traction they should be replaced.


Scooter wheels are one of the most important parts of your scooter. They allow you to do tricks, they help you ride smoothly and they also provide stability for when you’re riding at high speeds or carrying heavy loads. There are so many different types of scooter wheels out there but which ones should you choose? We hope this article has helped answer some questions about what makes a good wheel as well as answered any other questions that may have come up in your mind while reading our review articles on all these different brands.

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