how to charge a razor electric scooter with and without charger

Unlike a heavy car, a charging electric scooter will make you rid of filling the petroleum tank for its engine operation. It is a money-saving source of transportation for short-range traveling. Have you owned an electric scooter? If yes, then it is compulsory to know some methods to charge a razor electric scooter. The two parts of the mini-bike define its power and range limits. one is the battery, and another is its motor. The battery is supplying power for torque and rotation.

For a safe travel journey, You must fully charge your battery before you plan to start your riding because the only power source is the battery’s electric current. With a zero or low electric charge, the motor with stop, and you will be stuck on the way without reaching your targeted destination. Depending on the battery’s capacity and the quality of brands, the maximum distance covered is variable.
There are two methods of charging the battery, with a charger or without a charger. You will know about each of them in this piece of article.

how to charge a razor scooter

Procedure for “How To Charge a Razor Electric Scooter”?

Here are two methods to be explained in detail that how to charge my electric scooter battery at home.

1. How to charge a razor scooter with a charger

It is a common and quick method of charging the battery of an electrical device. The voltage requirements of the charger should be compatible with that of the battery to charge it without harm. Below are some steps to fulfill this procedure.

 Checking the energy

Please don’t connect the charger to the entire battery because the input charge’s continuous flow will harm its cells. To inform you about the current condition, each design and brand has its methods. Usually, an LED light becomes green for most products when the battery is full and turns red when the power is critically low.

Some products have a sound system as an indication of the low energy remaining. This indicator is most suitable for kid’s scooters. Don’t consume the power to zero points for healthy battery life and recharge it quickly when the remaining energy is 10 %. Some scooters have a digital indicator for the battery condition, and it shows the remaining instantaneous charge in the figures. It is user-friendly than the light indicator.

Connect the charger

A charging port is available primarily near the battery that is in contact with the battery. Insert one end of the charger to this port and another to the external electric connection. Once the charging has started, the red light will remain red till the battery has ultimately charged. A typical battery takes about three to six hours for the current to reach 100 percent.

Once the battery is fully charged, the light indicator will turn green; at that point, you have to unplug the charger from the charging port and then from the external source. Please don’t leave the charger in the connected form for another hour, as it is harmful to the battery and will burn the cells.

At that point, the essential action for the safety of the battery is the compatibility of the charging source. If the voltage of the source is larger than the required voltage of the razor battery charger, it will harm both the charger and battery.

razor electric scooter charger

2. How to charge a razor electric scooter without a charger?

Don’t worry if the original charger of the scooter becomes damaged and functionless; there is an alternative method for charging the battery directly without a specific charger. This process is helpful for an emergency basis but requires a little bit of practice and experience. There are some basic steps.

Open the battery terminals.

By indirect technique, first of all, to expose the terminals. In the razor scooter for adults, the battery has been installed under the deck. To open the deck, you need some mechanical tools to expel the screws. Remove the cover, hooks, and fasten for opening the two terminals of the battery.

There are two types of connectors attached to the battery: one from the charging port to the battery and another from the battery to the motor. So unplug all the cables and take the battery out. Now you should charge it in the open atmosphere. The most significant advantage of charging it in the open area is that the heat produced during charging will exhaust directly without any fear of damaging the attached wires.

Start recharging

Once the battery is out of the scooter, you have to make a temporary charger from the wires. For that, take two wires of approximately two meters each and iron hooks on one side. One wire should be black while another to be red. The terminal of the battery contains positive and negative signs.

Connect the red wire to the positive end and black to the negative. After that, connect the other end of the cables to an external source; it may be your residential electricity or another powerful battery so that it will quickly start charging until it becomes full. Please don’t connect the wires to the wrong terminals, even mistakenly; otherwise, it will harm the battery’s performance.

How long does it take for a razor electric scooter to charge?

Generally, an LED light indicator becomes green on the original charger when the battery charging has been completed. But on this self-made charger, there is no such indicator. In such a case, you have to read the user manual, which is primarily available in the packing box, where the battery’s charging duration is given, therefore connecting the battery to electricity up to that time.

For an average adult-size razor electric scooter, the charging time is mostly up to six hours. This time should be enough to fully energize the battery but for satisfaction, keep it in charging for about 10 hours. One of the essential factors of charging within the required time is maintaining the input voltage compatible with the battery. For a very low voltage, the charging will take some extra time.

In such a situation, a voltmeter helps show the value of the applied voltage. The voltmeter is connecting to the same terminal as the charging wires are connected. Once the estimated time has been completed, unplug the battery and charger with care.

how long to charge a scooter battery

Reinstall the battery

After completing the whole charging process:

  1. Keep the battery again in the same spot under the deck.
  2. Make its connection with the motor and the charging port.
  3. Fasten the battery tightly with the help of wires and screws.
  4. For an extra-safety, cover it in plastic to keep it away from the reach of the water.

Now your scooter is ready for riding till the consumption of the whole energy. After emptying the battery again, repeat the entire process for recharging.

How to maintain the durability of the battery?

Don’t utilize its full charge at once and keep at least 10 percent power in the battery. Recharge it after each ride with a correct voltage every day for a short time.

If the battery is repeatedly charging after short running, it will keep the electrolytes in an active and energetic form. These electrolytes have a crucial role in storing the charge.

If you want to keep your scooter away from your traveling activities, make sure to charge the battery before placing it for a while. This stored charge will keep the battery healthy and functional.

Use that charger whose voltage is matchable with that of the battery. Keep charging it with the compatible applied voltage, such that the high voltage will burn the cells, and the low voltage will waste time. Unplug the charger instantaneously once the battery becomes fully charged and the LED light turns green.

Self-safety during charging

Your life is more important than anything else in the world. Therefore the safety of your body is compulsory on a priority basis.

Use gloves and goggles for your hand covering because there are strong electrolytes in the recharging batteries, which are very dangerous if they touch the body. These chemicals also contain volatile substances, and there are more chances that they will arrive in contact with the eyes and face, so the use of glasses and face mask will be proven helpful in this regard.

Through indirect charging, touch the charging wires from the insulated portion while attaching them to the terminals. Don’t connect the electric wires to the conductive part of your scooter before and after charging.

Battery safety during the charging

The voltage of the connector should be compatible with that of the battery. The high variation in the battery and charger voltage will lead to the short lifespan of the battery. Disconnect the charger after fully charging the battery as soon as possible.

Keep its open conductive parts away from the reach of water and heat. Recharge it regularly after riding. If its electrolytes and interior cells become non-functional, then its replacement is better than repairing.


An electric razor scooter is a money-saving source of transportation. Its charging is a straightforward and quick process for new as well as expert riders. Charging with the charger is more simple than indirect charging through wires. The indirect method is only suitable for a temporary and emergency basis.

These are safe from atmospheric pollution due to the absence of a hydrocarbon engine. It is better for a short-range traveling source within the range of the battery. People use it for life needs as well as for outings and refreshments.

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