How to fold a razor scooter in half with troubleshooting tips – Simple steps

An electric scooter is providing you with the opportunity of fast riding in the town. It is a comfortable traveling source for a short distance. A scooter can save your time and money compared to cars, buses, and trains, regarding many best features like; fast charging, solid tires, and safety functions. One of the exciting features is when you have done your riding, It is effortless to fold a razor scooter either for hand carrying or keeping in the small corner of your apartment.

There should be a lever of long shape for doing that job with fewer efforts. The components required for folding include a stable condition with no corrosion and fracture in the corners. The following are the straightforward procedures for folding a scooter.

Some steps that how to fold a razor scooter

Release the locked levers

The foldable scooter’s central part is the long lever in the front, upon which there are the handlebars for the rider. Once you are in the traveling condition, the lever must be locked and secure. It is effortless to convert it to a collapsed shape with the help of a lever by doing the following steps.

Place your foot on the flat surface.

Keep your folding razor scooter in stable condition on a smooth surface. You will need to unlock the lever, place your foot on the pedal stand and pull the handlebar towards yourself. Push your foot on the stand towards the ground, such that it will multiply the force on the handle.

Press the button located on the handle

A small button on the back of the handle is located, which holds the lever locked in the unpressed position. Now you need to push the button and pull the handle smoothly towards yourself. Don’t apply push or pull force on the handle if you have not pressed the button. Otherwise, you will lead to fracture and breaking of the locking hook.

Open the clasp of the steering column.

A portion of the lever is composed of the clasp, whose management is necessary to fold them. It usually is metal or an alloy that runs on the side of the handlebars. The adjustment of the front handle requires the opening of the clasp.

how to fold razor scooter

Pull down the handle.

Once the clasp has opened, Now you have to make it folded. The vertical column could be lying down to the horizontal position. Hold the long handle from the bottom with a hand at a turning point and pull the force on the top’s handlebar. Once you have done that job, you need to close the clasp to hold the handle in a fixed position.

Provide support to the scooter

Once the lever and handle are folding, please Don’t leave it free on the ground; keep it either through the support of your feet or through the concrete block near it until you become ready to pick and carry it in hand. An unsupported scooter may slip, and sometimes its brittle parts may damage like; headlights, brake wires, etc.

Push the joint-release lever

After the handle is folded, Now you have to fold the remaining parts. For that, you will see a joint-release lever near the front wheel. The remaining portions will fold once you leave the lock and turn the lever to the opposite side. Now it is ready to move in the hand where you want or to keep it in the small space in your home.

Fix the problem of stuck when you want to fold a razor scooter

Sometimes you will observe the problem of not folding the lever, even if you apply an enormous farce with a correct method. If your applied force exceeds the elastic limit of the handle and lever, it will get fractured or slip-free during such a condition. Here are some techniques for handling this situation.

 Drag the joint and release the lever

For smooth folding, the latch on the handlebar should be free and open. If it is locked in the downward direction, you need to pull it up toward the handlebars. Once the latch becomes open, it is easy for you to fold a scooter with fewer efforts. Otherwise, there is a chance to slip. If it does not open smoothly, then don’t apply more force and leave it as such.

Clean up the lever with water

Once you tried for the clasp and lock opening, but it doesn’t, there are chances of rust, corrosion, and dust debris in the joints. This debris makes a resistance for smooth movement and turning it. To fix this, you must be required to clean every joint of a scooter with hot water.

Dip a cloth towel in detergents containing hot water for a few seconds, rough the levers, and clasp properly to remove all the dust particles. After that, clean it with detergent-free clean water and then wet them with another clean piece of cloth.

Turn the screws of the joints.

If you feel more hard in driving and folding, then take a screw-holder and rotate it in the anticlockwise direction until you feel some delay in the clasps and handle. Once the screw becomes delayed, rough it to detach the debris and rust particles. Put a few drops of lubricants in that. This action will make smooth a folding razor scooter during traveling or folding.

Use lubricants or mobile oil

If you still feel the same problem, the next option is to cover all the joints, levers, and handlebar with oil-containing lubricant through a brush or cloth. It will make the lever smooth and functional.

The lubricants also make the corroded surface of the metal soft to be easily clean and detached. You have to move the levers and tires that the lubricants have to reach the interior portion during this mechanism. Once the whole scooter becomes lubricated, Stand it in the sunshine for about one hour. In the end, clean the oily surface with a wet towel.

Parts replacement

The last option for troubleshooting the stuckness is to replace the lever, handlebar, and tires with professional mechanics. It is a costly way but will turn your foldable razor scooter into a fresh one. Make sure to choose only the best quality spare parts for long-term durability. A better alternative is to purchase a new scooter because the cost of all the parts and a new product is almost the same.

Benefits of folding a scooter

Why your electric scooter should be foldable? Because to fold a razor scooter, you can easily pack it in the bag. Whenever you want to go hiking long, you can take the backpack filled with your necessary tools along with it. When you reach a smooth track, Utilize the scooter because it will help you cover more distance towards your destination.

A folded mini-bike takes less space in the home and apartments. One can easily keep it below the seat of the car. It helps to cross the high traffic location in the highway bypassing the small corner of the road. Such a product is part of a handsome lifestyle.


A new buyer has to clarify their mind regarding these questions.

1- Why are micro-scooter unfoldable?

Instead of folding, the whole handlebar is removable and then attachable again. That is why it is an alternative to folding.

2- How to put a scooter in half? 

Press the button near the T shape pipe following the grips to slide. See the T-tube and make sure that its clasp is free from the lever and press it downward. Now it is ready to collapse and carry in hand.

3- Do every electric scooter is foldable?

The answer is No because it depends upon the functionality, design, and brand’s features. Some are for kids and lack this feature because they don’t know to utilize it. The majority of the adult scooters are foldable, and the large size has to fold and save space. The heavy bikes are non-foldable like that.

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