how to get bike grease out of clothes

So you’ve been doing some bike maintenance, and the grease has gotten all over your clothes. Or maybe a friend borrowed a pair of pants without telling anybody? Whatever the reason it has happened to you, here are a few ways to get rid of that greasy smell.

If you have a washer and dryer, be sure to throw all of those dirty clothes into the machines. The best way is with soap so that they can get clean too!.

“Don’t have a washing machine? No problem! You can use concrete to wash your delicates. Just make sure the fabric is strong enough for this type of treatment, though otherwise it might get damaged in the process and not look as good anymore. Simply grab some water from outside or turn on one of those hand scrubbers with an abrasive side for tough dirt stains like the blood that won’t come off easily without this extra help. Scrub until it looks clean before washing in warm soap solution so everything gets squeaky-clean all over again.”

how you may get rid of bike grease from the cloths

The best way to get your clothes clean is by playing in the dirt. The sandpile or sandbox will work wonders for you and make sure that every stain, grease mark is all gone.
A good rinse with soap mixed together makes everything come off better than before so not only are they fresh looking but now they’ll also smell nice too.

So, add some water and then scrub away with a brush or grilling utensil. If none of those things is an option you can always take your clothes to a Laundromat and let them do the dirty work for you. This may cost a little money, but it will save time.

So, don’t put the greasy clothes in the dryer machine. It’s a good idea for you and your machine too. The heat will only set the grease and you’ll be stuck with that greasy smell for weeks.

Don’t give up on getting that bike grease out. Be resourceful and remember your environment, if water isn’t available use sand or if that isn’t an option find a Laundromat. One of these three things may definitely get rid of that greasy smell.

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