how to take a pedal off a bike – Step by step method

Some people who are new to cycling may not know how to take a pedal off their bike. Pedals are easy, but it can be hard to figure out if you have never done it before. First, you will need to find the axle for the pedal on your bike. It should be sticking out of one side of your bike frame near the bottom bracket where the crank attaches. The axle is usually threaded so you will need an Allen wrench or something similar in order to loosen and tighten it without stripping it. Once you have loosened the nut that holds the pedal in place, just unscrew it until it comes off.

Steps of how to take a pedal off a bike

Here are some steps to complete the required task.

1- Remove the pedal from the bike

It is how to remove the pedals from the bike. If you would like to take off a pedal that has already been installed on your hub, then follow this article. I will be using an example of how to remove a pedal.

To easily and safely remove the pedals from your bicycle, follow these steps:

  • Place the bicycle upside down on a stable workbench or other secure location that will not slide around.
  • Using a 5mm hex key, loosen the bolt located at the end of your pedal axle by turning it counterclockwise until it is able to come completely out of the axle. Do not remove this bolt entirely.
  • Attach the wrench to both sides of your pedal axle. Now, using a hammer, tap the wrench gently on one side until the pedal pops off. Do not hit too hard with the hammer or you can damage your bike’s axle or other components. You may find it easier to use vice grips instead of a wrench to remove the pedals.
  • Repeat these steps on the other side of the pedal until both come off.

how to remove bike pedals

2- Loosen or remove the bolt that holds it in place 

If you wish to remove the pedals from your bike before the cleaning process, it is possible with relative ease.

Place your bike upside down so that it is balanced on its handlebars and saddle. Turn the pedal in a counterclockwise motion until it comes loose and falls off of the crankshaft. Repeat with the other pedal.

The first step how to take pedals off-bike is to find a table, bench, or workbench. The height of the surface should allow you to comfortably straddle your bike with your legs while facing the pedal during removal. You should be able to position yourself so that you can hang one leg over either side of the top tube and have your feet firmly planted on the floor or bench.

The next step how to remove the pedal is to place your bike upside down so that it is resting securely balanced on its handlebars and saddle. This will allow you to access both pedals for removal with greater ease. Turn the pedal in a counterclockwise motion until it comes loose and falls off of the crank. Repeat with the other pedal.

3- Slide the pedal off 

Many people struggle to take the pedals off their bikes and that is how they end up calling a mechanic. And usually, we struggle because we couldn’t get the right shoes to fit. It doesn’t have to be this way, here’s how you can do it in easy steps:

Tools needed:

We will use only two tools, a pedal wrench or adjustable wrench and an old piece of cloth.

Step 1: Make sure you are wearing proper shoes, most people fail because they are not wearing the right shoe to take them off. So make sure your feet are part of how you slide the pedal off easily.

Step 2: Prepare two pieces of cloth so that you can wrap them around the pedal. This is how you can remove it without making a mess of things.

Step 3: Place one cloth on the ground so that it covers your brake and gears, this will protect them from any damage or scratches.

Step 4: Place the bike so that it is resting on its side stand or front fork, whatever is applicable to how you are holding the bike. Make sure that you are not overloading your handlebars as this might damage them beyond repair.

Step 5: Locate how the pedals are attached, they are either bolted or clamped. If it is the latter, make sure you release the clamp first before you try to remove them.

Step 6: Take your pedal wrench or adjustable wrench and fit it on how the pedals are attached, if they are bolted now slowly apply pressure until they loosen up. Make sure that you tighten the nuts only after the pedal is completely loose, there is no need to tighten it while you are still trying to remove the pedal.

Step 7: Slide the pedal off, sometimes you might have to release how one of the axles is attached so that it can free up how your shoe would fit. This will help you slide how to take a bike pedal off without effort. Once this is done slowly pull how to remove pedals from the bike step by step with ease.

Put your foot on top of the remaining part of the pedal to prevent it from falling when you loosen or remove bolts if any exist.

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