10 best helmet for electric scooter in 2022- Review with pros and cons

Electric scooters are one of the best sources for short-time riding. They’re much less hassle than cars and can be used in many more spaces than bikes. But, there’s no denying that we all want the best helmet for electric scooter riding. There is so much to consider when looking for a good helmet: size, weight, style, and safety features. This blog post will take you through some information you need to know about the best helmet for your needs.

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Zecro helmet for adult

Best helmet for electric scooter – Reviews

Let’s start the reviews with the pros and cons of helmets for an electric scooter.

1- Zecro adult bike helmet for riding

Zecro adult bike helmet for riding

If you love to ride your bike, don’t forget about safety. A tough and durable helmet will keep you safe when out there on the road with traffic or other cyclists. This is where our Certified 51-62 cm adjustable straps come in handy because they can protect both head and ears from getting hurt during an accident. That way if something does go wrong, as another person tires themselves trying their best not to hit us, at least we’ll be able to get back home safely without any permanent damage done.

A lightweight helmet is a great way to keep your head in good shape while riding. The 225g superbike helmet won’t weigh you down during cycling, and it has an adjustable 25mm breadth that ensures comfort for any size. It also comes with ear cups so you can use them as scarves or hats when not out on the road.

  • Tough and comfortable
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Have no face-shield


2- JBM adult cycling helmet

JBM adult cycling helmets

An adult cycling helmet is a great option for any rider who wants to feel safe while out on their bike. This nutcase headgear has been designed with an adjustable dial system and side straps which will fit different size heads, making it perfect for riders. With its tough PVC & PC material combined with EPS foam protection, you can be sure that your noggin will stay well protected in case something bad were happen.

The invention of a cycling helmet that takes advantage of specialized aerodynamic and ventilation design has led to an increase in speed while keeping you cool. The lightweight material ensures comfort, as well.

  • Impact-resistant
  • Have ventilation
  • Not a full face design


3- Thousand adult bike helmet 

Thousand adult bike helmets

Stylish bike helmets that were also safe for people who ride or skate, It is a functional and lightweight headgear that doesn’t sacrifice comfort for safety, it also has a pop lock feature so you can leave your bicycle without having any worry of theft on daily commutes.

It’s important to wear a helmet every time you ride your bike, but it can be hard finding one that fits just right. The Dial Fit System in the back of the helmets made it getting an awesome fit easier.

  • Suitable design
  • Few ventilations


4- Vega helmet for riders

Vega helmets for riders

The Vega Half Helmet is the perfect choice for riders looking to be more comfortable, stylish, and feature-packed. The lightweight custom fit can protect your eyes from sun damage while you enjoy riding with its easy use inner shield that lowers down when needed.

This helmet has a sleek design that will not only keep you protected but also make sure to look great doing so. The size adjustment dial system ensures the perfect fit for your head while an advanced wick-dry liner reduces weight and channels improve cooling efficiency, all with safety in mind. With this field-tested helmet meeting or exceeded US DOT regulations as well being engineered specifically towards those who want extra protection against accidents.

  • Have drop-down sun shield
  • Not found


5- Giro helmet for electric scooter

Giro helmet for electric scooter

It is designed to protect the rider from the inside out, Giro’s line of helmets are designed and tested in their category-leading test lab. The Directional Impact Protection System redirects energy in a crash so that it can never get through your protective layer.

It has 32 strategically placed wind tunnel vents that provide ample spine protection, and it’s equipped with internal channeling for even more breathability.

  • 32 wind tunnel vents
  • Beautiful design
  • No face shield


6- Giro cycling helmet 

Giro cycling helmet for electric scooter

Giro is a good name in cycling protection, and its products are no exception. engineers at Giro’s category-leading test lab created the Multi-Directional Impact Protection System which has been integrated into this helmet to redirect energy during an accident for superior safety against flying debris or another injury, all without sacrificing coverage so you can feel secure while riding every day, even on hot days when ventilation might not seem necessary as much because sweat levels tend to decrease.

  • Have ventilations
  • Multi-directional impact protection system
  • No face shield


7- O’Neal full-face helmet for electric scooter

O'Neal full-face helmet for electric scooter

O’NEAL, a company known for motorcycle and cycle gear that offers the best in comfort, quality assurance as well as protection when riding is ultimately there to make sure you feel safe.

The shell of this helmet is made from high-quality ABS. It features vent holes, which allow for optimal ventilation while keeping you cool under pressure or riding at higher speeds on longer distances with no wind resistance because there are zero friction surfaces between air flows – just like what happens naturally when a person takes deep breaths. The interior lining wicks away sweat so your head stays dry and comfortable whether it’s been scorching hot all day long outdoors during summertime months, or freezing cold weekdays indoors through the winter season, no matter how bad things may seem inside an adventure bike riders’ mind due to stressful situations outside.

  • Have a face shield
  • Possess a chin strap
  • Somewhat expensive


8- HJC helmet for riders

HJC helmet for electric scooter

The lightweight, superior fit, and comfort using advanced CAD technology are what makes this helmet so great. The Quick Slide Shield Replacement System allows you to quickly remove your helmet with no tools necessary which makes it easy for anyone in the family who’s looking on getting their own. Its unique ACS ventilation design helps keep air moving around by taking cool outside breezes inside where some customers may need them most while driving home after being out running errands.

  • Unique ACS ventilation
  • Have a face shield
  • Simple design


9- Bell helmet for head safety

Bell helmet for head safety

This helmet has a sunshade that can be pulled down to offer protection from the rays without having to stop and change out your face shields. The airflow system is adjustable with two different settings, one which distributes heat more efficiently for riders’ comfort no matter where they are on their bikes. The lightweight composite polycarbonate alloy shell also meets FMVSS 218 standards.

  • Lightweight
  • Good design
  • Not found


10- POC helmet for electric scooter

POC helmet for electric scooter

This helmet is a great choice for e-bike riders. It’s certified to work with bikes and features an NFC medical ID chip that allows first responders to quickly locate you in case of emergency. The RECCO reflector also helps when visibility isn’t perfect due to the breakaway visor, which can snap away during accidents without harming your neck or head because it has MIPS Integra technology, one more way this product enhances rotational impact protection.

  • Beautiful design
  • 360-degree adjustment system
  • Somewhat expensive


Frequently asked questions

Here are some FAQs

1- How do I choose a scooter helmet?

Riding a scooter has become increasingly popular in the past few years. It is easy, economical, environmentally friendly, and also an exciting way to commute to work or school. However, riding a scooter can be dangerous too if there are no safety measures put into place. The main area of concern for riders is their head which must be protected at all costs with the best helmet.

We also want to protect our heads but do not really seem to care beyond wearing a helmet, which would make it easy for us to miss out on most of the important facts about choosing the right motorcycle helmets.

Scooter helmets are generally designed to be more comfortable, stylish and provide a bigger field of vision than other types of helmets. This is why you should buy a motorcycle helmet that meets your personal requirements as far as comfort and styling go. Some riders prefer wearing full-face helmets while others feel more secure with an open face or half mask. However, these are not the only factors that affect personal preferences, but they play a very important role. Many scooter riders also like wearing motorbike gloves to give them a better grip and protect their hands in case of an accident.

Open-face motorcycle helmets are generally lighter than full-face ones, which is why they provide less protection in case of an accident. However, the choice between a half-face and a full-face helmet will depend on what you feel most comfortable with.

2- Should you wear a helmet on an electric scooter?

Electric scooter riding has become popular in many developed countries, where traffic congestion is a major problem, and electric scooters are seen by some as an environmentally friendly way of reducing urban air pollution.

In Australia, electric scooter riders are required to wear a helmet. In New Zealand, the rules in place in December 2010 were that a helmet is not needed for a user of an electric scooter or for someone pushing an electric scooter under 2 years old if traveling at a walking pace. However, there is no requirement for helmets to be worn on electric scooters, regardless of the user’s age.

In the United States, most states have laws that require riders of motorized scooters to wear helmets if they are under 18 years old. Some U.S. cities also regulate riding an electric scooter on a sidewalk in the same way as a bicycle.

On the other hand, in Canada and Australia, there are currently no laws or regulations that require users of electric scooters to wear helmets.

The use of helmets while using electric scooters should be mandatory, since riders may not always make safety considerations when riding such devices. Riders who do not consider safety will increase the risks and severity of injuries to themselves and others.


It is important that you protect your head and brain. Make sure to wear a helmet when riding an electric scooter. A good adult bike helmet should be able to withstand multiple impacts without breaking or becoming deformed, but it also needs to be comfortable for all-day use. If you are looking for the best helmets out there, we recommend Zecro Adult Helmet as well as JBM Helmet.

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