5 Fast electric scooters 30mph in 2022 – Buyers Guide

The scooter’s speed is the first sign of saving time because, in this busy world, everyone wants to achieve more tasks in less possible time. Going to the shopping malls, hospitals, schools, etc., are related to the life routine of everyone, So without any traveling source, all such activities are very time-consuming. Most commonly, people use cars, trains, and buses for traveling, but the fastest e-scooters are the game-changer of the recent era. In the past, scooters were very limited compared to heavy bikes, unlike some of the current electric scooters. With time, modifications arrive in the motors and battery of the scooters. Even aluminum and lanthanum manufactured parts have been designed. As a result, the availability of fast electric scooters in the markets is becoming very common. 

Certainly, scooters with speeds above 50mph are also available, but it is not recommended due to safety factors. Even for 30mph, the use of a helmet is compulsory for the life of you and your family. Energetic people prefer a two-wheel scooter to enjoy the blowing wind upon their hairs and achieve the target quickly.

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Fast electric scooters 30mph – Reviews

There are many scooters that are different based on some features like; speed, weight, design, load capacity, etc. But here, we have collected some best scooters whose peak speed is about 30mph. Let’s go for the reviews.

1- YUME electric scooter 40mph

YUME electric scooter 40mph

It is a powerful e-scooter with many exciting functions for adults and teenagers. It has been equipped with a dual-motor arrangement whose power is 2000 watts to maintain its speed to a maximum point of about 40mph. Indeed, with this speed, you will make many trips in a short time by going to the mall to purchase groceries or to attend your office meetings. There is a particular lithium battery with 52V and 23.4 ampere-hour capacity. You must take care of the battery and charge it when the voltage of your electric source is 220V. So a low and very high voltage will destroy the cells of its battery.

Although it possesses a handlebar and a soft seat with a stand, these parts are foldable, So It is easy to pack and carry from one place to another. The oil braking system will make the ride safe and secure. Regarding health, these scooters are free from causing pollution, which is expected from petroleum combustion. It is very simple to adjust the speed to your choice by riding on these electric scooters at 30mph. A person whose weight is up to 330lbs can use it continuously for about 5 hours. The weight of this scooter is just 75 pounds, not heavier. The lights on both ends assure a safe night ride, So one will enjoy a comfortable outing along with sunbath and blowing air.

There are suspension springs on either side to keep the riding comfortable, but their wheels cooperate in this regard. To maintain their suitability with the recent technological era, it has an LCD screen that displays gear, battery, time, etc. Along with the display functionality, you can charge your smartphone with the help of a USB port. It is recommended for parents to make their child expert by lightweight scooter before practicing with this model.

  • Long-range battery
  • Adjustable speed
  • Up to 40 mph speed
  • Removable seat
  • LCD display
  • USB charging port
  • Have suspensions
  • No colorful LEDs on deck


2- Best fast electric scooters for adults – Uberscoot e-scooter

Uberscoot adult's scooter

This electric scooter from Uberscoot has been designed for smooth riding. It is a branded scooter upon which everyone will have to trust and include in their life activities. It has two wheels whose surfaces are rough to keep them from slippery movement on wet terrains. These tires are pneumatic to provide resistance to shocks, and their sizes are 11 inches. The wheels have two types of materials and the surface is composed of polymeric materials, while the inner core is manufactured of hard metal. The maximum speed of the ride is 30mph and is considering the best range for energetic adults. Two factors affect the speed; one is the motor which is 1600 watts, and the second is the batteries of 48-volt potential.

It possesses the excellent potential of holding the individual weight of 265 lbs, This is more than enough of a healthy youngster. It is equipped with some suspension springs to absorb jerky shocks and make the riding more comfortable and soft. One can go continuously up to 12 miles for a single recharge at high speed. You can fold its handlebar after use to keep it safe in the small possible space. Once you become tired, there is a quick-release seat to set upon it and relax your body. For recharging the battery, there is a charger to recharge it fully in about 8 hours.

Back and front disc brakes are here for quick command because the brakes have to be stronger to maintain proper safety measurements for a high speed. This scooter can be a ride in the night due to the lights on both sides. Children will not easily manage it, and the reason is its weight of 117 lbs.

  • Durable parts
  • Four batteries combination
  • Easy charging method
  • Perfect shock-absorbing arrangement
  • Foldable and have a seat
  • Powerful brakes
  • Its weight is not good for kids


3- Best electric scooter 30mph – JUE SHUAI scooter

JUE SHUAI electric scooter 30mph

This electric scooter is also designed with many technical features for fulfilling the requirements of recent times. Its front design is unique, and two vertical rod-like parts on both sides are helpful for body safety if accidentally it colloid with something in front of you. Its major components are waterproof aluminum, So it is allowed to ride on a rainy day and enjoy your holidays. The 3200 watts power of the battery is enough to reach the peak speed of 50mph and the total range of 60 miles. The scooter’s weight is a little bit high with a value of 121 pounds, So it is recommended for healthy adults.

There is a feature of remote control, which is not available in many e-scooters; it means that you will be able to do the unlocking and other actions with a remote in your hand in the range of some distance. It is highly equipped with shock absorbers for providing extra comfort and stability. Within a few seconds, you will make it compress and fold from its expended position. For busy people, this fastest electric scooter will make their movement easy by saving time. It possesses a soft seat, but it is easy to remove if you don’t like it. It will inform you about the situation of speed, battery, etc, through LCD.

The external parts have been manufactured from those materials, for which it is not easy to get corrosion and damage from environmental agents. It is recommended for heavy people up to the bodyweight of a value of 440LB. For late-night travel, there are two lights on the front for maintaining visibility. Although this scooter is one of the fastest, if you wish to reach the maximum speed, you must wear a helmet and knee safeguard for the sake of your life. Also, the implementation of riding rules is a sign of loyal citizens.

  • LCD screen
  • Have some suspensions
  • Lithium battery
  • Remote control functions
  • Up to 50mph speed
  • Corrosion-resistive body parts
  • Little bit expensive


4- Cheap electric scooter for fast riding – Sunl e-scooter

Sunl cheap electric scooters that go 30mph

It is a unique designed scooter from Sunl for smart people up to 175lbs. It provides a smooth ride for 28 miles continuously while going on a straight surface terrain. For an upward slope, there will be more energy consumption. There are well-designed 10 inches pneumatic tires, but on the front wheel, there is no mudguard, so on the rainy ground, it may make you dirty by riding at high speed. Regarding safety, there is a dual braking system for a quick response within an instant of time.

Although it is foldable, it will not be folded automatically during fast riding due to a special button to keep it in unfolded form. For the first time, it requires some practice to become an expert. The main difficulty is maintaining a proper balance, especially when the speed is very high. It is available without a seat. Therefore, it is not considered a good scooter for those who feel uncomfortable in a standing position. In the core of the front wheel, there is a special perforated rim with a unique design.

  • Light on the lower front
  • Aluminum materials in the body
  • Unique design
  • Light-weight
  • Dual brakes
  • No mudguard on the front wheel
  • No seat


5- BEST fast electric scooters with seat – Jueshuai 30 mph scooter

Jueshuai 30 mph fastest e-scooters with seat

This scooter is also fulfilling the criteria of reaching the speed limit to the point of 30mph. Its power and energy parts can keep the speed high with normal efforts from the rider. Apart from the straight travel, it can also climb with 35-degree angles. The 1000 watts power of the motor is not too high but is compatible with the speed of 30mph. You will ride for the range of 35mph when 18AH and the 48-volt battery are fully charged. Unlike some other fast electric scooters, which are starting from the handle and button, this fast electric scooter with 35mph will start with a specific key, and this feature is an excellent point to keep it safe from being stolen by someone when it is parked.

Most of its features are similar to other products of this post, but the weight is very low compared to them. So along with adults, its use is not a hard task for kids of about ten years old. The availability of LED has made it easy to see the status of functional features, So it will make you confident to take control over the speed, balance, etc. Adjacent to the deck, there is a stand for parking it in the vertical position. It is foldable, and the seat is adjustable for tall and dwarf people.

  • Light-weight and foldable
  • Adjustable seat
  • Suitable for adult and teenager
  • Specific starting key for privacy
  • Upgraded LCD
  • Low power battery


Buyer’s Guide 

A satisfied buyer should confirm the following factors before finalizing their order.

1. Quality and trust of a brand

Two same products from a different brand may not perform the same; a low-standard brand sometimes copies that item from low-quality parts. The same is the case with electric scooters. You should confirm the quality of a particular brand to avoid any hazards in the future. The trust and satisfaction of a scooter are also indicated from the reviews and comments of previous customers.

2. Mescillinous features  

The essential parts and functions of most scooters are almost the same, but there is variation in many extra functionalities. Some scooters will have a seat, LCD screen, Colorful LEDs, Ring bell, colors, etc. Some riders don’t prefer these characteristics, but they are only searching for power features. So it is up to the rider’s choice.

3. Durability of body parts

For a scooter to be durable for more time, you must examine these characteristics of its body. The external body parts upon which the rider will stand must be composed of aluminum or another strong alloy. This alloy should not have to be affected by sunlight and water. It must be corrosive-free and have to maintain the surface for a long time.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Regarding the speed and functionality of a scooter, many questions are arising in an individual’s mind. Among them, some common questions are explained here.

1- Is 30 mph fast for an electric scooter?

A scooter, especially an electric scooter, is uncomparable with heavy bikes, but a scooter with a speed of 30 mph is considered excellent for fast riding.

2- Can you make electric scooter faster?

It is possible to increase the speed of an electric scooter by adding powerful batteries, reducing the load placed upon it, and having compatible tires for a high speed.

3. What are the speed affecting factors for an e-scooter?

The main factors upon which the speed of an electric scooter depends are:

Surface and slope of the terrain

The more the roughness of the surface, the slower will speed, while the more upward the slope, the slowest will be the speed of a scooter and vice versa.

Motor’s power and battery charge

The rotation of wheels depends upon the speed and torque of its motor, So it is clear that the speed of a scooter is highly dependant upon the power of its motor. A power of above 1500 watts is compatible with a fast rate. Similarly, the motor is receiving energy from the battery; therefore, a low charge will cause slow rotation of the motor and hence low speed.

The rider’s weight

All electric scooters have a specific limit of bearing weight; that is why some are recommended and designed for kids and adults. However, exceeding that particular weight limit will cause the speed to decrease. Overweighting will also cause damage to the scooter’s body and will not be durable for the expected time.

4. How much is the speed of an electric scooter?

All electric scooter has not the same top speed; it varies according to some factors and conditions. The average speed limit of many best scooters is in the range of 15 to 25 miles per hour.

5. Are the rider’s safety is necessary for scooter riding?

The short answer is YES; the scooter’s body does not protect a rider on the scooter; therefore, if colloid and crash in the accident, then the rider will fall directly on the ground. You have to confirm the wear of the helmet before starting your journey.


In this article about fast electric scooters 30mph, we have reviewed the five best e-scooters whose speed is either 30 miles per hour or more than that. These are compatible with high speed under some rules and regulations. Some are suitable only for adults, some for kids, while some are performing better for both. Now it is up to your choice and requirements.

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