how fast does a bird scooter go

If you stepped up on the scooter for the first time, You may afraid. Because you had never ridden one before, but it looked easy enough. That proved to be far from true. It may take several tries before your bird scooter would even start moving. After that, you weren’t exactly an expert either; small hills will too much for you and you had to get off and push. Eventually, you may get the hang of it. Now that you’ve been on a few more times, You may feel pretty good at riding your bird scooter.

But how fast do these things go? Can you really ride with them? What’s their range? Well, let’s find out.

To start this experiment, get on a bird scooter at the bottom of a small hill. The starter button is located behind the handlebars. When first started, nothing will happen because it was still in lock mode. To engage that mode, you just lay down on your belly with your body completely over the handlebars and then roll slightly forward. After it is in lock mode, you can start the engine by holding down the throttle on the handlebar. When you first got on, you may be nervous but your bird started moving slowly. It was really weird because all of a sudden you may have this sense of power.

how fast can a bird scooter go

You could just lean slightly and go up an incline effortlessly. The faster you went, however, the more difficult it got to stay on. If you lean too far forward or back, the scooter will tip over and you’ll have to start all over again.

Once you found a nice balance between standing up straight and leaning forward just enough so that your bird would go as fast as possible, you will be off. A nice feature of this scooter is that you can set the one-wheeled front wheel to lock forward for faster speeds or unlock to control your steering and go slowly around corners. Once you found a good speed, you may be ready to go.

The maximum speed on my bird scooter is 11 miles per hour (according to the handlebars) and it goes uphill pretty easily. It has a range of about 9 miles before you have to charge it again. That’s probably why they call them electric scooters, right?

To successfully dismount, the instructions say to put your weight on one foot and lean forward slightly. You may lean back a little more than you did when you were going up and so did it wrong and fell off immediately. You may not get hurt at all or anything, but that just proved that it doesn’t matter how good you get before you fall off. It will happen eventually and it could be a really bad spill.

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