12 Best scooter for city commute in 2022 – Updated

Most people prefer the latest features but cheap rates for buying an electric scooter with a seat. Because usually, they don’t like spending hundreds of dollars on a single-seated bike. We have created a list here while keeping your requirements in mind. This list contains all the cheap electric scooter for city commute to effortlessly help you make the right decision.

Nowadays, buying an electric scooter is becoming a trend, as everyone wants to be a part of the latest technology. These scooters for commuting are not only perfect for teenagers but are beneficial for adults as well. You can use them while returning home comfortably after a long hectic day in the office.

They are fun to use, comfortable and relaxing. Even many professional workers use an electric scooter because this product is much convenient for them. After working for many hours in the office, their legs need rest at least for a bit of time while reaching home. Also, you can use them to reach the terminal and then fold it for easy holding.

There are so many choices of cheap electric scooters for commuting in the market. They all have different attractive features and comfort zone; you can choose the one feasible for you. This list has all the best options for you to buy at cheap rates. Some are best in their rates, some have a more powerful motor, and some are good enough for the long run.

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Best scooter for city commute – Reviews

Let’s discover the best options for commuting electric scooters from the reviews below.

In this list, you’ll get knowledge of different products. All of them are different in their usage and price as well. Some are best for adults; a few are for kids and little kids. But all have comfortable seats and other useful equipment. So, read the whole article to get the best options suitable for you.

1- Best Motorized commuting electric scooter – GigaByke Groove 750 Watt scooter

GigaByke Groove 750 Watt Motorized commuting electric scooter

The Groove product has a retro look near old Vespa, so its first impression is attractive with the latest but revolutionary look. It came in the market around 2018 with upgraded version 2, increased motor size, and advanced features. It looks like a traditional bike, but the difference in appearance is that it has a slim body.

It has a large torque with 750 watts, perfect for the hilly area and stretched roads. This scooter for city commute also has a better throttle input with an upgraded control system. The groove scooter has a sturdy kickstand to hold more properly. Electro-static polymer paint is giving the scooter a great look and also stays for a long time.

Its maximum speed range is 20 mph; this is perfect for taking you somewhere in normal or even less time. It has ultra-rear LED front signals and rear brake light so that you can stop your scooter easily in the nighttime as well. It has hydraulic disk front brakes and a rear drum brake. Its high-power LED front headlights to enable you a hassle-free ride during the night.

It has a large LCD instrument gauge mounted on your handlebars; this is advanced and new in the scooter’s family. Through this LCD, you can see battery level, signal status, and mileage odometer. The handlebars are extra wide (32” width), allowing the surface for LCD placement.

Also, the wide handlebars are slim and can be handled easily for a long ride time, and have a strong grip for narrow roads. You can also use its pedals if you want to exercise and are tired of the automatic scooter. It has a high-power 48v 14AH Silicone lead-acid battery, covering almost 25 miles on a single charge.
You can put your scooter on charging through a plug, so there is no need to remove the battery. And it can complete its charging in just six hours. So this is the perfect, latest, comfortable, and most of all affordable scooter to buy.

  • 25 miles in a single charging
  • The LCD is present between handbrakes allowing you to view the Bike’s status during the ride.
  • Powerful 750 watts motor
  • It also includes pedals, so you can exercise and can change your scooter to a traditional look.
  • Paddling is not gyroscopic


2- Razor EcoSmart Metro Electric Scooter for city commute

Razor EcoSmart Metro Electric Scooter for city commute

This scooter got popular quickly after its launch in 2000 and is considered among the top-ranking electric scooters with a seat at affordable rates. It assures freedom and a fun ride to its users. It’s a friendly and easily handled product with the latest technical features.

You have to sit on the Razor EcoSmart and start your ride. Its soft padded seat is very comfortable, and the wide bamboo deck makes the ride smooth and easier; it feels like you are sitting on a soft or cozy couch. So this product is a kind of stylish technology. Also, you can handle it in a very smooth manner.

This product gives you a safe and sound ride even on a cracked road, with its 16″ (406mm) air-filled tires. It has a hand-controlled brake and throttle, so you can comfortably control the scooter with a twist-grip. Also, it’s hassle-free and more suitable when you feel tired or not so active.

It has some extra enhancing features, like a detachable luggage basket (cargo carrier), so you can carry excess luggage (of a small portion), you can carry groceries, bags, books, etc. Also, its seat is adjustable; you can set it where you feel comfortable, making it the best option for adults.

It’s very powerful and fast with 500 watts, chain-driven motor with a high torque that boosts the ride up to 18 mph speed. That means you can cover up to 29 km in an hour with a range of up to 12 miles. You can use it for 40 minutes continuous ride. Most of all, it’s safe to use even on a tricky road, perfect to buy.

  • Lightweight and comes at an affordable price
  • Friendly, comfortable, and smooth ride
  • Extra luggage detachable basket
  • Stylish look with bamboo deck and soft padded seat
  • Need Lots of wires for charging
  • Charging time is too much


3- Best scooter for commuting – Drive Medical SFSCOUT4-EXT Scout scooter

Drive Medical SFSCOUT4-EXT Scout scooter for commuting 

This four-wheel scooter is the most convenient and high-quality product. Its size is quite suitable, with dimensions 42.5″ L x 21.5″ W, making it easy and comfortable for the ride. Its seat size is very wide and reliable for size 16.5″ W x 16″ D. Also, this size makes it a modern and different scooter.

This product has a good height, feasible to use, 17″ – 19″ inches high from the floor. It has four wheels with 31.9″ L x 16.9″ W; among them, the front wheel is more powerful with an 8″ x 2″ inches dimension. These size details show how powerful this scooter is and how reliable it is in the long run.

It’s a quick fix product; you can disassemble it fast and make it ready to use within no time. Its tires are very hard and strong; they are anti-tip wheels and flat-free, which means they leave no marks passing by. Armrests are also a great part of this scooter for city commute; they are padded to add more comfort.

You can easily fold this whole scooter; the backrest is foldable along with the swivel seat, whose height can be adjusted. Its colors are great, red and black; they enhance the stylish look of the scooter. These color panels are interchangeable, hiding the scratches and scuffs, making the scooter look as new as it was before.
Its motor size is reliable and convenient for long-run use; it is 24V x 270W x 4700 rpm. It can cover up to 15 miles. It is a very reliable product to use and also is extra comfortable in usage.

  • Good battery life
  • Easy to put together and easy to set back
  • It includes armrests to add extra comfort
  • 24V motor size is very convenient
  • Extra solid tires, only useful on a smooth surface


4- Cheap Electric Scooter for city commute – SWAGTRON SwagCycle scooter

SWAGTRON SwagCycle Cheap Electric Scooter for city commute

It’s the latest foldable design, a good electric scooter with a seat, perfect for adults. It has a powerful 250 watts motor that gives a good ride and is reliable for long usage. You can fully charge this scooter in about 2.5 hours with its powerful 36V battery. So there is no need to wait for long hours to make the scooter fully charged.

Its Maximum speed is ten mph, with 10 miles range. It has a front headlight of a good size to have a safe ride at night. It also includes a horn for more safe travel. It has a hand-brake on the handlebars to make it reliable, as you can control it easily. It enables you to cross the road full of cars with narrow paths easily.

Its front wheel is 12 inches, and the back wheel is 10 inches, making a strong grip on the road. This Swagtron bike’s frame is made of aluminum, and this adjustable structure is foldable. You can place it in less space, even in the trunk. This foldable size makes it quite perfect, as you can take it anywhere with you so smoothly.

Besides, its charging style is very new and stylish; you can keep a micro-USB charging port with you on a ride; whenever you want to charge your bike, you can do it, anywhere, even during the ride. More of that, it’s a zero-emitting scooter for city commute, as it is 100% electric and emission-free. So it’s environmental-friendly.
It’s not only environmental-friendly but also friendly with your pocket. You do not need extra equipment or petrol to ride it, so it’s not hard on your wallet. You can buy this well-featured product at cheap rates, perfect for a single ride person ride.

  • Environmental-friendly and also less-heavy on a pocket
  • Lightweight but have a strong aluminum frame
  • Also, it can charge your phone, the perfect option for teenagers
  • Good charging time 2.5 to 4 hours only
  • The seat is not adjustable


5- Razor Pocket Mod Betty Miniature Euro-Style Scooter

Razor Pocket Mod Betty Miniature Euro-Style Scooter

It’s a good cheap electric scooter for city commute for teenagers. It is a vintage-inspired electric scooter; it has an American design and European flair. It’s a stylish, colorful, and attractive scooter, which makes it perfect for teenagers. It has so many colors; you can choose the one which you feel is perfect for your personality.

It’s a very modern and latest electric scooter; it has a padded seat, also has throttles with a twist-grip control, also includes hand-operated brakes. It looks much familiar to the real bike with its structure that makes it a scaled-down Euro-style scooter. These qualities are perfect to match the new technology and style.

Razor Pocket Mod can carry up to 170Ibs (77 kg) weight. Its battery life is very convenient, as you can use it for 40 minutes to continue a ride. Its maximum speed is 15 mph. It has a chain-driven high torque motor. This motor is powerful and can give a smooth, reliable good-speed ride without causing a problem.

Also, it has a secret storage compartment under the seat. So that you can carry some essentials during the ride easily, it has a dual-kick stand, which makes it more reliable and safe. It can keep the scooter upright, and your luggage also remains positioned. These things make it a perfect scooter for city commute for the age of 13 plus under low rates.

  • Comfortable, large padded seat
  • Secret storage space under the seat
  • Vintage-inspired design, stylish and latest
  • Perfect for teenagers
  • charge time is too much (12 hours)


6- Best 2 Wheel Electric Scooter for commuting – Razor E300S scooter

Razor E300S 2 wheel Electric Scooter for commuting

It’s a two-wheel funky, stylish, and cool scooter at affordable rates. Its most convenient feature is its detachable seat. You can detach it when you are going for a short ride, and you can attach it again when you feel it’s necessary, like when you are going on a long-distance ride. So it’s a comfortable sitting scooter.

Razor E300S has a Chain-driven electric 12V motor and super-size deck that’s very powerful. It has 15 mph, a good speed range. Also, it comes with a twist-grip control; you have to keep your grip strong on the handle, then you’ll get the acceleration control easily, which makes it a safe product, also feasible for teenagers.

As most teenagers like easily handled scooters, the structure of scooters provides them with an easy-handling control system. Also, it’s attractive for them because of its royal-blue latest color. This scooter can hold up to 220 pounds of weight. Also, it comes with a 90 days warranty so that you can use it after complete satisfaction.

Initially, you need to charge the battery before use. Its charging time is 12 hours, so charge it for a full recommended time even if the light turns green. Sometimes it may take more time for charging as its recommended charging time is 24 hours.
Once the battery fully charges, you can use it for 40 minutes to continue the ride, but the battery time may vary depending upon the usage. If you are using it continually without maintenance, its battery may not last long. So you need to keep up the check and balance of this scooter. However, this is a good option among cheap rate scooters.

  • The hand-operated rear brake enhance its performance level
  • Simple but latest stylish scooter with attractive blue color
  • Its retractable stands make parking easy
  • The detachable seat is perfect for a long-run ride
  • Tires are not good enough for soft surface


7- BUZZAROUND EX 4-Wheel Heavy Duty commuter scooter reviews

BUZZAROUND EX 4-Wheel Heavy Duty commutor scooter reviews

The most important feature of this scooter is its speed range, it can cover up to 5 miles per hour, and you can ride up to 18 miles in a single go. This speed is much more than some other scooters, so it can move fast while leaving scooters under the dust. This thrilling quality attracts the riders most about it.

This speed range is because of its dual U-1 batteries. It enables the scooter to cover more distance than the traditional scooters. The 4″ ground hassle-free 9″ front and rear wheel tires keep the ride smooth and comfortable. Their material keeps them friction-free and smooth during the whole ride.

It is the fastest model of this Buzzaround family. It comes with a height-adjustable seat, enabling you to set the scooter according to your comfort zone. It’s so lightweight and stylish in look. It has ultra-bright LED headlight, convenient in the nighttime too.

Its standard interchangeable red and blue shroud covers are something extra to enjoy with the usual features. The charging port is at the tiller, making the charge easier during the ride. It has an orange color on all prominent edges, making the scooter extra stylish. It’s a perfect cheap electric scooter for city commute for adults.

  • Adjustable seat, the best option for adults
  • You can charge it during the ride with its charging port at the tiller
  • Ultra-bright LED headlight makes the ride safer at night too
  • It has a good 18 miles ride range in a single go
  • This scooter is low to the ground


8- Cheap Electric Scooter for city commute – Razor Drift Rider

Razor Drift Rider Cheap Electric Scooter for city commute

It’s a perfect, new-styled scooter for kids who like drifting along with the riding. It is recommended for kids of 9 years old and holds up to 143 pounds maximum weight. Its red and black colored structure attracts the kids and also provides them something long-lasting.

It’s a 3-D steering innovative constructed scooter that provides the riders with a curved style ride to feel the powerful slide. This scooter for city commute provides a thrilling ride, that’s why most kids like it for a long time but kids easily get bored of most toys.

It has a direct-drive, high torque hub motor that has the power of lithium-ion. It is an extra and new style feature; this lithium-ion power boosts the motor and enables the scooter to be perfect for drifting. So the kids can perform their drifting actions at a maximum speed of 9 mph. It is very thrilling and the latest in scooters.

This product includes a 22V rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack and charger; this powerful battery allows a continued ride up to 40 minutes. Its wheels are made of a steel-torsion frame which keeps them air-free and perfect for drifting. Also, they are of urethane and caster rear material, perfect for spinning.
Its total weight is 11.07 kg that’s easy to carry out. The scooter’s frame is made of Alloy steel, which keeps it safe and protected while drifting. This strong frame also ensures the kid’s safety as it is strong enough.

  • Best drifting ride for kids
  • A direct-drive lithium-ion motor is perfect for drifting
  • Wheels are made of the steel-torsion frame to make drifting smooth
  • 40 minutes continue the ride
  • It doesn’t fold, and you have to assemble it.


9- Best 3-Wheel Mobility commuter scooter – Travel Pro Premium scooter

Travel Pro Premium 3-Wheel Mobility commuter scooter

This 3-Wheel Mobility Scooter by Pride provides stability in tight spaces with its smooth drive and sharp turning radius. It is a perfect product for a smooth and safe long ride, even under narrow roads. Its structures enable it to turn and move properly even when the road gets tricky.

It has a four mph speed range and 6.3 miles drive range. Its overall size includes 22.3″ (W) x 37″ (L). Its seat size includes 17″ (W) and 17.25″ (H). It is a very comfortable structure for a long hassle-free run. It can hold up to 275 Ibs weight, which is a good range among many other electric scooters with seats.

You can disassemble this scooter into five very lightweight pieces and can easily fit under the trunk or any other place where you wish to place it. So this is an easy-to-carry and handled scooter with powerful ride quality.
It has a fully padded faux leather seat, which you can easily adjust according to your height. Also, it includes padded armrests, which make the long ride comfortable. This product also includes a basket in front of the handle as an extra essential feature. You can use this basket to keep some personal belongings with you.

You can either use it for a short distance or a long ride. Like if you want to go grocery, then this is a convenient product. On the other hand, if you are going for a long ride with your friends or family, you can carry it with you inside your trunk. It is a perfect option to enjoy, at cheap rates.

  • Have a long-distance cover capacity of up to 6.3 miles
  • You can adjust the height of a seat according to your comfort zone
  • Easy assembling and disassembling
  • 275 pounds large weight capacity
  • Not much good for tough terrain


10- Rollplay 12V Nighthawk Electric city scooter

Rollplay 12V Nighthawk Electric city scooter

It’s an attractive scooter for city commute for kids age six and up. It’s very convenient for kids with its lightweight, only 20 Ibs, portable body structure. The structure includes 31.1 (L) x 25.2 (W) x 8.4 (H); overall dimensions show how easily one can handle it. But it can carry up to 110 lbs. so it’s a good option to buy for kids.

It has a high-performing 12V battery with a six mph speed range. Its pedal can ease your start-stop and pause during the ride, also making the twist and turn easier. It has a unique sleek design with supporting wheels that easily allow the kid to move left, right, and backward. Also, this structure allows us to cross obstacles smoothly.

This scooter has something unique to ensure safety measures. Also, it’s easy to steer handlebars to ensure the kid’s safety. You can easily change Roleplay by removing the battery and plugging it in the scooter’s charger.
This scooter is something much convenient and safe for your kid. Its structure, material, and even tires are best for keeping your child’s ride safer and comfortable. Kids of 6-10 can comfortably take a ride on it.

  • Six mph maximum speed range
  • Safe and comfortable
  • Recommended for kids of 6-10 years old
  • 12V high power battery
  • Sometimes during delivery product gets damaged.


11- Best 4-Wheel Electric Mobility Scooter – Pride Mobility S74 Go-Go Sport scooter

Pride Mobility S74 Go-Go Sport 4-Wheel Electric Mobility Scooter

The main attractive feature of this product is its weight carrying capacity, which is 325 Ibs (maximum). Its features make the S74 Go-Go Sport a reliable and most comfortable scooter to buy. Most people want a scooter with a large weight capacity to carry them without any tension of weight.

Its battery has a long-lasting 18AH power that provides up to 14 miles on a single charge. It has a maximum speed range of 4.7 mph, which is a good range for a scooter. This scooter has 9” inches solid tires and 3” inches ground clearance, which gives it a smooth and comfortable ride, better than any other scooter.

These are four wheels, black in color, and are made of non-scuffing material; these qualities enable a more smooth, stable, and marks-free ride. When you use it indoors, these tires ensure no scratch or mark is left behind. It also includes armrests to keep the ride extra enjoyable.

You can disassemble this scooter into five lightweight pieces that can easily fit inside a car. Among them, the heaviest part front section is about 44 Ibs only. So it can be assembled and disassembled easily, making the use more convenient. This feature is most required because everyone now wants to carry as little as possible weight.

Its wraparound Delta tiller is perfect for keeping your hands relaxed; even after a long ride, your hands will not get stiffed. Also, it has an LED front headlight to keep your ride safe at night time. Another enhancing feature is its front basket to keep your personal belongings. Overall this is a good option to buy because it is a cheap electric scooter for city commute.

  • Easy assembling and disassembling
  • Large, front plastic basket
  • Easy, quick connection to batteries for charging
  • Free-wheel operation is very easy
  • The turning radius has some issues


12- Three Wheel Mini Motorcycle Trike for Kids commuting

Three Wheel Mini Motorcycle Trike for Kids commuting

It is the best e-scooter to ride by a young- child of age between 2-5. It’s so lightweight with just 0.1 kg and 31 x 17 x 21 inches dimensions. You can use it anywhere, either Indoor or Outdoor. The only requirement is a smooth and flat surface, even on a hard flat surface. It is the best option under cheap electric scooters with seats.

Its 3-wheel design makes it an easy ride. Also, it’s very easy to use, turn it on, press the paddle, and enjoy your ride. It includes real police car details on the structure, which most children surely love, including headlights and car sound effects. It is also safe as it comes after safety tests.

This 3-wheel scooter can easily have washed out after some usage. It has a powerful 6V battery with a 1.75 mph speed range and 15 watts motor size. It has a white and black mixed-colored attractive structure, which is best for children.

Most of all, this scooter should be used under the supervision of an adult. It’s quite affordable and has attractive features that most parents consider while buying such a product.

  • Can be easily handled by a child
  • Made of toxic-free material
  • Easy to use, carry and store
  • Best for kids of 2-5 years’ old
  • You have to assemble it yourself


Buying Guide

Picking the best electric scooter for city commute can be a little difficult, but don’t worry, for your help, we have covered some of those factors that matter the most.

1- ‘Age’ must keep your child’s age in mind while picking a product.

While buying an electric scooter with a comfortable seat for your kid, first and foremost, keep in mind their age because different products are best for different ages.

Some products come up with extra safety measures, which are best for young kids, and some have large battery results that are best for teenagers; even a few products have a larger size which is good for all growing children. Remember what type of scooter will be feasible for your kid according to his age.

2- features and performance quality of the product

If you buy a product with a good appearance and size but has bad performance, then all checkpoints will remain fruitless, and you’ll be worried after wasting money on the wrong item.

As we know, performance is something which is also very important. While buying any product, check its motor size, battery timing, brake style, headlights, maximum speed, etc, so you can avoid bad results.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

These questions regarding the e-scooter are important for a beginner to clarify their mind.

1- Is riding a scooter is healthy?

While buying anything for your kids, check out their safety measures. It is the most important aspect to note. If you buy a good ride scooter with no safety guarantee, how can you trust it for your child? As kids are precious for everyone, so must check the safety first.

Mostly we are not comfortable when our child is on a ride, but when you select the product carefully, you’ll feel relaxed later.

2- What is the cheapest commuting scooter?

The Razor EcoSmart Metro Electric Scooter (best for Adults) with a 500W High torque motor and a maximum speed of up to 18mph is the best pick-up in our list among cheap electric scooters with a seat; it’s a unique, strong & comfortable scooter.

The most important thing is that you can buy it at cheap rates without so much to spend. Its qualities are far better within the cheap rates.

3- What is the lightest commuting scooter?

As companies improve their products from time to time, we are also getting better options with improvement. The EMOVE 2.0 electric scooter from Voro Motors is the lightest electric scooter in the market as it is just 7 kg (15 lbs).

In our list, the 3 Wheel Mini Motorcycle Trike for Kids is the lightest weight scooter with just 0.1 kg weight. But this is only for kids ages between two to five. Many lightweight products are still coming into the market.


Now that you have all the information regarding cheap electric scooters with seats, you can choose the best one according to your preferences. The buying guide and the reviews are crafted with extensive research to help you choose the right model with ease.

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