6 Pro scooters under 100 dollars in 2022 – Stunt scooter reviews

The use of a scooter for riding is one of the best tools for energetic people. It is better to use a cheap and lightweight scooter before riding until becoming an expert. An active child intends to use some physical tools to play and be busy in the regular lifestyle. The use of kick pro scooters under 100 dollars for the kids will help them to ride heavy bikes and large electric scooters in the future.

For a beginner, there are some features in the scooter like easy to use, easy to manage, durable, etc. It will be a good decision to avoid buying an expensive and heavy scooter to avoid the chances of loss while you are not fully expert in riding. We have collected and reviewed some pro scooters in this post to help you select your choice from the specific variants.

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Best pro scooters under 100 dollars – Reviews and guides

You will not need to search the whole market for the best pro scooter because it is time-consuming, so in this article, we will review the six best scooters to make your task easy for your scooter selection.

1- Pro scooters for teens – Apollo cheap scooter

Apollo cheap pro scooters 

This pro scooter is a good choice for the kid of age six-plus years to ride for enjoying, tricks, or fulfilling regular life needs. Its rim is composed of the best quality aluminum, and the body can bear a weight of up to 220 lbs. It gives a beautiful look due to its sturdy design, and it provides a reliable grip during riding.

This pro scooter for under 100 dollars is suitable for indoor and outdoor activities and is a stable design. One can use it also to jump, twist and turn because it has a strong body and steel handlebar for proper support. Its handles are non-slip due to a coating upon them.

  • Sturdy design
  • Aluminum rim
  • Non-slip handles
  • 220 lbs load capacity
  • Not good for night riding


2- Best scooter for tricks – Fuzion X-3 pro

Fuzion X-3 pro scooter for tricks

This pro scooter is best for beginner riders due to its simple design and features. It has lightweight, therefore, it is easy to maintain at the start of riding practice. This scooter is durable due to the strong deck made of aircraft-grade aluminum. The wheels have a diameter of 100 mm and the composition of the V-bar is stainless steel.

It is assembling in less time by tightening the three bolts and all is set for riding. Its weight is about 7 pounds, so it is better for children, and after becoming an expert, you have to upgrade to an advanced model.

  • Aircraft-grade deck
  • Lightweight
  • Simple design
  • Best for beginner
  • Not suitable for a heavy person


3- Pro scooters under 100 dollars – Arcade scooter

Arcade pro scooters under 100 dollars

It is another best scooter for beginners and has smooth bearings, a solid deck, and a custom neck. Arcade is the loving brand of most parents and kids because of its safe riding. It contains the features required for training level kids and has a smooth wheel, a brake with good response, and polycarbonate wheels with 100 mm diameter.

The height of its T-bar is 22.5 inches, the weight holding capacity is about 220 lbs. It got many positive reviews from previous users. It is not a good choice for kids of age below seven years.

  • Lightweight
  • Compatible T-bar
  • Responsive braking
  • Compatible hand grip
  • Wheels with no steel


4- Pro scooter for cheap budget- Fuzion Z250 scooter

Fuzion Z250 pro scooter for cheap

It is another pro scooter from Fuzion with polyurethane wheels of 110 mm diameter. An aluminum deck, nylon brake, and a cover for a comfortable grip on the handles. Its smooth glide and sleek design will make it a suitable choice for your kids to look ultra-cool.

When you get it, it is almost ready for riding just by tightening two bolts. For its longer durability, don’t exceed the load limit of 220 lbs.

  • Sleek design
  • Lightweight
  • Responsive nylon brake
  • Aluminum deck
  • No headlight


5- Best beginner’s pro scooter – Albott

Albott beginner pro scooter

This scooter from the Albott brand is another choice for kids of age eight years plus. As with many pro scooters, it also has an aluminum deck, but the wheels are polyurethane. There are rubber grips on the handles, possess steel fork, smooth-riding, and a simple design.

Although it has an aluminum deck, it is suitable for a rider under 200 lbs. There are no complex features, but its balancing will require some practice.

  • Aluminum and steel frame
  • Rubber grips
  • Steel flex brake
  • Easier for entry-level
  • Load limit is 200 lbs


6- Pro scooters under 100 dollars – VOKUL scooter

VOKUL pro scooters under 100 dollars

This pro scooter from the VOKUL is a beginner-level product for riders of 7 to 14 years. It has a simple design without a seat, and due to its lightweight, the children will easily learn it for basic riding tricks. The weight of this item is about 4.5 kg, and the materials used in the frame are aluminum and the alloy of steel. The materials of its wheels are polyurethane, and its load capacity is about 220 lbs.

The braking system is that of rear braking, and the braking is necessary for safety to reduce the speed or stop it whenever you want during riding. It has a gift design and is suitable for those who want to buy a scooter as a gift for someone.

  • 220 lbs weight capacity
  • Aluminum and steel alloy frame
  • Easy to assemble
  • Gift design
  • No headlight


Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

It is normal when a person hears about something for the first time, some queries arrive in the individual’s mind. The same is the case for a pro scooter, and here we will clarify some questions about the pro scooter.

1- How much does a pro scooter cost?

The starting price of a typical pro scooter is around $100, but the price will increase by improving the features and quality of materials used in the body.

2- What is a pro scooter?

The pro scooters are kick scooters used for certain ridings like; doing tricks, stunts, and the ability to withstand more stresses. There are many brands and designs among the pro scooters for fulfilling the choice of many riders.

3- What are the basic components of pro scooters?

Some components are specific to a particular scooter, but the basic elements are typical for most pro scooters.


It is the main part of the pro scooter, which provides a space to stand a rider while riding the scooter. It is available in different sizes and shapes. A deck is that part to which other parts like; bars and wheels are attached. It usually is composed of aluminum or steel to hold more weight and is durable for a long time.


It is one of the essential parts of a pro scooter for its smooth riding. Usually, it has two-part, one is the inner core, and another is exterior covering. For a low-quality scooter, a wheel is composed of synthetic materials like; urethane. For a high-quality scooter, the inner core is composed of strong materials like; steel and aluminum, etc, and the outer layer is that of synthetic rubber, etc. The pro scooter typically has small wheels as compared to the traditional heavy bikes.


It is along a T-shape tube that is attached to the deck with fitting clamps. It is that part with which the rider is balancing the scooter by griping the T corners on the hands. The bar is either foldable or unfoldable and is composed of alloys, aluminum, or stainless steel. The limit of its height depends upon the choice of the individual.


It is the essential feature of a pro scooter for the safety purpose of a rider. A brake is usually installed in the bottom and is connected to a wheel. It may either be flex or a spring brakes, but the flex brake is more suitable for proper function.

4- What are the lower age limit and safety factors for scooter riding?

The riding of pro scooters requires some experience to maintain balance, so children above eight years, adults, and teens will learn and ride the scooter properly. For safety purposes, wearing a helmet is compulsory to minimize a dangerous situation during an accident.

5- What are the benefits of riding a pro scooter?

The scooter has many benefits like; It is easy to park in a small space near the shopping mall, school, or hospital. Its small size will easily pass in a narrow area when there is a heavy traffic jam. There is no hydrocarbon combustion regarding the kick scooter, so it doesn’t contribute to air pollution. These scooters have lightweight. Therefore it is easy to manage and has a low price compared to heavy bikes, which are affordable.

6- what is the best scooter for beginners?

For the best pro scooters for beginner’s use, the deck of the scooter is composed of aircraft-grade aluminum, the bars are composed of stainless steel, and the core of the wheels are made of alloy. This combination of components is compatible for its durability if used with care and limitations.


In this article, we have collected some best pro scooters which are best for beginners. These scooters have got many positive reviews from previous users, which indicates trust in them. The significant features of these scooters under 100 dollars are almost the same, but some have variations.

Some FAQs have also been answered in this post to clear some doubt, if any, in a buyer’s mind. The selection of color and design depends upon the personal choice of the individual.

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