10 Best toddler helmet for scooter in 2022 – Toddler and adult helmets

Body safety is preferred over anything else because there is no cost of life, even with the richest person in the world. Riding by scooter is one of the tools for speedy movement, and speedy riding will sometimes lead to an accident and dangerous situation. So the safety of the whole body, especially the skull, is essential for every rider because our skull surrounds the most precious parts and vital brain. A toddler helmet for scooter is the tool that normally acts as a barrier to the damage of the skull during the accidental condition.

There are many helmets in the market, but every item does not perform the same. Here we are going to present to you some best helmets for safety during the riding. The safety of a helmet depends upon many factors like; quality of materials, design, etc. Pick the helmet of your choice and use it regularly for the sake of your life.

Our top recommendations
Helmet with no glass shield
Helmet with a glass shield

Test toddler helmet for scooter – Reviews

In this post, we have chosen the ten best helmets for reviewing their features. These have good qualities and beautiful designs to provide a better user experience and durability.

1- Best helmet for scooter – Triple eight sweatsaver helmet

Triple eight sweatsaver helmet for scooter

This helmet is composed of durable ABS materials, making them one of the best helmets available in stock. It covers the surface of a skull and has no protection shield for the face. It has an adjustable strap, which the user will manage to fit properly up to the comfort zone.

It also has many sizes, from small to large, to fulfill the choices of multi-age riders. Its outer surface is hard, but the inner lining is sweat-saver and moisture-wicking. The inner surface is usually removable for washing because it may become dirty and blackish due to sweat.

It is better to use in warm weather to enjoy the wind hitting the rider’s face during the riding. This toddler helmet for scooter is also compatible with bicycles but not recommended for the riding of heavy bikes.

  • Have sweat saver liner
  • Adjustable strap
  • Affordable price
  • Stylish design
  • No glass face shield


2- Bell Qualifier helmet for riding

Bell Qualifier helmet for riding

In the beginning, we are describing the bell qualifier; it is a unique and stylish design and is compatible with the young riders. Unlike the traditional helmets, its primary component is polycarbonates, and due to this composition, it is durable for a long time in combination with low weight. It has an excellent comfort level, and the rider will feel relaxed during the journey. There is also a pad in the position of the cheek to maintain relaxation in that position.

It possesses a clear face shield on the front for keeping your face protected from the sudden hit of wind. The interior surface is detachable and allows you to clean it properly. There is a better aerodynamic system, so you will not feel bad and disturbed during breathing and sweating. It will also keep you undisturbed by the noise of heavy vehicles on the road.

The front shield is replaceable without any tool and is a Click-release. This helmet is ultraviolet protected, anti-scratch, and has anti-fog characteristics. It has many sizes, from small to large, so every buyer should order it according to its skull size.

  • Lightweight
  • Clear and click release shield
  • Washable interior
  • Anti-fog and anti-scratch
  • Cheeks pad
  • Resist noise and wind
  • Have no more colors


3- Best helmet for scooter riding – GLX helmet

GLX helmet for scooter riding

The next helmet is the product of GXL which has a unique design and many fantastic features. It possesses a proper ventilation arrangement and is compatible with short as well as long-distance riding. The rider will breathe fresh air throughout its use. Its shield’s design is very interesting; it is present on the front and extended to the right and left sides for a 3D viewing of the surrounding without any distortion.

The inner layer of microfiber provides softness and absorbs sweat is removable for replacing and washing. Also, the windshield is removable if you want to use it in shieldless form. Proper ventilation of air also requires avoiding the fogging of the shield. It also possesses a quick-release chin strap for quick usage.

  • Possess aerodynamics arrangement
  • Front and side shield
  • Chinstrap
  • Removable inner layer
  • The glass shield on the side may fracture in the accident.


4- Flybar toddler helmet for scooter

Flybar toddler helmet for scooter

This helmet is compatible with multi-age riders and holds many attractive features. It has been designed from efficient materials to fulfill the needs of a rider for a long time. It also has a cutting-edge and beautiful design to maintain the rider’s smart personality. The availability of air vents makes it perfect for use in hot weather.

Unlike some others, it does not possess a shield for wind resistance. Apart from scooters and bikes, it is also suitable for many sports activities where there is a need for skull protection. The outer cover is composed of an ABS shell, while the inner foam is a comfortable EPS. There is an adjustable spin dial on the backside for its proper fit.

  • Usable for scooter and sports activities
  • Best for adult and youth
  • Have many colors
  • Beautiful design
  • No wind protector


5- Best toddler scooter helmets – Razor V-17 helmet

Razor V-17 toddler scooter helmets

This toddler helmet for scooter is the best choice for kids who are riding a bicycle, electric scooter, and other low-speed motorcycles. It has a cutting-edge design and performs better within its budget limit. We can expect more durability and performance due to the carbon fiber design. For proper ventilation, it possesses 17 vents in the covering for the evaporation of sweating and airflow.

There is a side-release buckle which makes them easy to fasten and adjust. Its inner covering is secure and comfortable for the skull. It does not resist the wind hitting because it lacks a glass shield. Therefore it is not recommended for high-speed riding in cold weather. It is more compatible with a skull size of about 23 inches diameter, in other words, for children up to 14 years of age.

  • 17 vents for airflow
  • Side release buckles
  • Ergonomic design
  • Comfortable inner covering
  • No face shield


6- Vega youth scooter helmets

Vega youth scooter helmets

This helmet from the vega has a stylish structure for scooters and motorbike riders. It is a half-face helmet with a shield on the front to avoid the face from the direct hit of sunlight and wind. Its size is not too large and is comfortable due to its better custom-fit. The design of this scooter contains many features, and its lightweight makes it easier for the rider during its use.

There is a proper system for cooling and safety and a wicking liner for moisture control. The strap is also here to tighten and lose up to a stable position while riding in the dusty environment, then drop down the shield to protect yourself from the flying sand and dust while enjoying your journey.

It also possesses an EPS inner lining to provide a cushion for our skull. This lining helps to protect your head from the direct hit of the rigid body of the helmet. It is available in many sizes to fit into the skull of different age riders and depends upon their comfort.

  • Have drop down shield
  • Quick-release strap
  • The inner lining as a cushion
  • Different sizes
  • Not covering the chin


7- GLX kick scooter helmet

GLX kick scooter helmet

It is another helmet from the GLX brand with many good qualities. Its shell is composed of fiberglass for providing more durability with lightweight. This product is also DOT-approved and offers a comfortable fit for the head. There is a detachable visor; it helps the rider maintain the eyesight if sunlight is lying directly on the eyes and acts as a barrier to wind.

The strap is attached to synthetic leather and provides a soft and comfortable touch. Its inner surface is microfiber to give a soft touch and absorb the sweat from the hairs and head surface.

Here the fiberglass frame is not present at the chin level, which is sometimes dangerous if the rider’s chin hits the ground during an accident. Overall it is an excellent half-face helmet within its budget range.

  • Fiberglass shell
  • Removable visor
  • Microfiber inner surface
  • Affordable price
  • Lacks rigid protection for the chin


8- Daytona safest toddler helmet

Daytona safest toddler helmet

This helmet has different sizes for making sure the comfort of the rider. It is also a half-face helmet and protects the head to avoid damage to the head during the accident. This helmet fulfills the requirements to use for protection and is DOT approved.

Make sure to buy a DOT-approved helmet for scooter riding because some helmets may be approved by the transportation department but not by DOT. It possesses an adjustable strap but lacks a sunlight shield which is not a good choice. This design is suitable for slow riding, especially on a bicycle or kick scooters but also usable for a motorcycle.

The strap of this helmet is assembled in the forward or backward position to protect the beard and avoid pinching. One of the fantastic qualities of this helmet is that it does not bound the rider’s neck in one place, so your neck will turn to the right, left, forward, and backward direction comfortably. It has many positive reviews from previous users, which shows that it is better for use.

  • Simple design
  • DOT approved
  • Avoid pinching
  • Different sizes
  • No wind shield


9- Best boys scooter helmet – Raider deluxe helmet

Raider deluxe boys scooter helmet

It is the last helmet from our best collection of toddler helmet for scooter. It has an open face design, and on the front, there is a small roof-like structure that acts as a barrier to the vertical sun rays to reach the eyes directly. It is DOT approved, and the shell is thermoplastic. This helmet fulfills the safety standard and allows communication. It is the best option for those who are searching for a removable visor.

The visor is removable with three snaps whenever the rider wants it. It fits properly, but there is no rigid protecting structure for the chin, which may be dangerous if the rider falls in a forward direction during the accident and the chin hits the ground forcefully. It fulfills the major riding requirements for safety and has a stylish design.

  • Removable visor
  • Shell is thermoplastic
  • DOT approved
  • No rigid protector for chin


10- LS2 scooter’s helmet reviews

LS2 scooter's helmet reviews

It is also a half-shell helmet to use with a scooter and motorcycle for the safety of your head. It has a stylish design and is manufactured from polymer alloy, is lightweight, and has the best performance. Regarding its sun shield, it is unique for its two-level adjustability. It means that the rider can either cover the entire face by shield or lock the shield in halfway for covering just the upper front.

This half-shell helmet provides a flow-through for maintaining proper ventilation. Feel the rider’s cold in the hot weather and enjoy the riding. Interestingly, it possesses a Bluetooth system to communicate rider to passenger or rider to rider.

The fabric line on the inner surface for softness and moisture-wicking is detachable and washable. There is a chin strap for managing the looseness and tightness. It provides a good user experience, as observed from the feedback of some previous users.

  • Washable fabric liner
  • Have communication system
  • Proper ventilation
  • Unique sun shield
  • Slightly expensive


Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

As a scooter rider, use a helmet that is better for safety, while there are many varieties, designs, and brands of the helmets that confuses the individual that which one to buy. Some changes occur in the design, qualities, and features for different brands from time to time. Here we are answering some common questions to help you for choosing the best helmet.

1- Which helmet is best for scooter?

Among the helmets, some are full face; some are half-face, while some have no shield for face at all. The best option is a full-face helmet for maximum possible security because it protects the skull, mouth, and face region during the accident. The full-face helmet is better for high-speed riding, while the half-face and a helmet with no shield are suitable for slow riding.

For a full-face helmet, sometimes the quality of the shield also affects the vision of the rider. Therefore a clear and scratch-resistant helmet will perform better in this regard. If you want no compromise on your protection, then the full-face helmet is the best option.

2- Which features should be present in a good helmet?

The body parts of the user-friendly helmet have to be composed of thermal-resistant and polycarbonate materials. the carbon fibers are better in durability than the glass and low-grade plastic. It will show resistance to collisions up to the limit of their hardness and elasticity to protect your skull during the accident.

The thermal-resistant and thermoplastic features will also prevent the atmospheric heat and coldness for diffusivity and keep the rider from abrupt atmospheric change. If it possesses thermal conductive materials with no ventilation, the rider will feel warm or cold, depending on the atmospheric temperature.

The helmet’s inner lining should have a soft lining as a secondary lining of defense by providing cushioning effect to the skull. It provides a soft feeling and comfortability to the skull of the individual.

You should pick the helmet with a chin strap because it will help to hold it in place even if the jerk occurs or the rider falls to the ground in the accident. The strapless helmet will easily fall away from the head during the accident.

3- Can I wear a fractured and impacted helmet?

It is very dangerous to use an impacted helmet with small cracks in the shell. In the future, if that helmet hits the road, then there is the chance of complete breaking. Once your toddler helmet for scooter has slightly fractured by any means, you need to buy another one for your proper safety. The use of a fractured helmet is like taking a great risk by the rider.

4- Why a chin strap is necessary for a helmet?

A tight chin strap keeps the helmet on the head of the rider who falls in the accident. So if the head of the rider hits the ground, then the helmet will act as a supporting cover and increase the chance to protect the head from damage. Without the strap, the helmet will fall away from the head, and the chances of head damaging will maximize in the accident.

5- Why a ventilation system is necessary for a helmet?

If there is proper ventilation and you are riding on the hottest day, you will feel cold due to the moving wind in the ventilation area. Without it, the rider will feel hotness and sweating during the riding. Proper ventilation in the helmet makes the riding joyful.


The implementation of safety protocols is necessary for riding the scooter or motorbike. Among the body parts, the head requires care because it contains the vital organ brain. So the helmet is assisting for the head protection in the accident. In this post, there is a collection of many toddler helmets for scooters.

You can choose the best one among them based on your requirements and the helmet’s performance. The selection of design also depends upon the rider’s choice. I hope this post will help you buy a helmet and clarify some common questions about it.

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