how fast can a 50cc scooter go – Top speed affecting factors

A fast scooter is the first option for energetic riders when they know about the specification of an unknown model. By fast riding, one can save precious time to fulfill a necessary family task or take groceries from the nearby market. Unlike train and buses, the use of a 50cc scooter is easy and require less maintenance for the smooth operating process.

Among broad categories in the market, a 50cc scooter is the best choice due to its user-friendly size and weight. Its speed ranges from 40mph to 60mph in normal conditions, and a limited load is placed upon it. According to the situation, many factors can affect the limit of high speed up to specific points.

How fast will a 50cc scooter go?

There are some solid reasons for changing the peak speed of a scooter according to the situation. The power of the installed motor has a significant role in this regard. The brand’s quality also provides some hints about the speed and other features, and the shape of the body is also a factor of choice for the user.

 Maintainance and care

The mechanical products require proper attention and checkup regularly. While doing this, you may observe a moderate increase in the efficiency of your efforts’ output. In light of this point, you have to exchange the damaged part with a new one, either by yourself or in the mechanic shop. The bearings and other moving parts can operate smoothly and are durable for a long time. A lubricated metal decreases the friction to a minimum possible point.

Speed variation due to wind direction

In a normal lifestyle, this factor ignores and neglects most riders, but actually, it plays a significant role in the peak of the speed. If the rider moves against the wind direction and the wind is hitting the front or head of a scooter, the expected rate will decrease to a specific range because some energy for the fast speed is used to overcome the air fraction.

 On the other hand, if the wind and scooter are moving in the same direction as the wind is hitting the back and tail of the body, then the actual speed will increase from the expected one, and the rider will feel light and comfortable even by applying a soft accelerator. A tailwind is also helpful for reducing fuel consumption. The wind also affects the respiration of the rider in the headwind situation.

Affect of weight on the speed of a fastest 50cc scooter

One of the great options to cause variation in the speed is the rider’s weight, the product, and passengers. In most cases, the scooter features have included the limit of the affordable weight for the required motion. This limit is about 200 lbs for efficient movement and long-term durability for an average adult rider. A heavy scooter is also a negative sign in this case for the same motor. Also, the management and maintenance of a light scooter are accessible for an individual.

how fast does a 50cc scooter go in mph

Affect of the windshield

In some exceptional cases, the scooter possesses a barrier from protecting brisk air to avoid hitting the rider. According to the rules of aerodynamics, this shield act as an agent for reducing the efficiency of the power. So the windshield has positive as well as negative effects for such a situation. The solid bags and luggage are also showing a negative role by causing resistance to the air.

The installment of the box on the tail has the benefits of storing something necessary to keep with yourself, but its front side causes more resistance for the air to move. An airplane shape front is a wind-friendly design and improves the range of the speed. In short, the scooter’s design has a role in motion and fuel consumption.


A smooth surface of the road is better for achieving the 50cc scooter max speed, and the presence of debris will provide friction and barriers. The upward slope of a track decreases while the downward direction drops the rate at a particular movement. If the elevation is higher than the sea level, there will be low oxygen and harmful combustion of the hydrocarbons. In the elevated areas, the color of the smoke is becoming darker.

  • These scooters are good in the budget regarding fuel consumption and the product’s cost compared to heavy bikes and cars.
  • It is very easy to drive in the streets and on the highways due to the limited top speed and acceleration, especially for a newbie.
  • It is easily passing in the over-traffic areas where there is low space for cars and other vehicles.
  • To fulfill your personal needs and family shopping daily, the use of this scooter is time-saving and cheap.
  • The limitation of power makes it less functional while climbing in the hilly and steep upward areas.
  • There is a specific limit of the load to place upon it. Therefore, it also limits the number of passengers at a time to ride.
  • It is not a good option for extra energetic people to fulfill their demands at the highest speed.

2-stroke Vs 4-stroke engine 50cc scooter

These are the main categories in the engine, representing the output efficiency and the fuel consumption. Both have their top speeds, RMP, and power. Before buying it, you have to read each feature and compare it with your requirements.

Pros of 2-stroke engine 

The manufacturing materials of this variety are simple and contain the essential parts for smooth operation. The rapid firing of the piston in this model increases its power by about 40%. Because of the simply manufacturing, there are very few chances of damage, and hence it provides less opportunity for repairing. For compatible torque production, the engine has a higher rotation per minute. Its weight is lower as compared to the four-stroke scooters.

Pros of 4-stroke engine 

The unique benefits of this variety are more interesting for scooter lovers and users. Their rotation per minute is somewhat lower, which means that its working ratio is less and hence will last for more time. It is economically friendly for a low-budget user because fuel consumption is one time every four cycles. The primary fuel for its operation is gas. Therefore, the output pollution to the environment is not more as compared to the oil. There is a proper mechanism for reducing the engine sound and hence the sound pollution.


The speed of any scooter and bike is accurate only by using it within the limits of its capacity. While using it with proper care and maintenance will then work well and last for a longer time. The customer’s buying decision also depends upon the individual’s locality, either the hilly or the plane surfaces. A low-power engine will not prove loyal to the hilly terrains and the obese rider. It is a reality that the best quality product can keep the individual happy with the results. A low-quality scooter will require the need for repairing and part exchanging.

There are many brands available in the market for electric and non-electric, but the razor is famous among the electric category. For about 40 mph, a 50cc scooter is recommended up to the bearing weight of 200 lbs.

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